Dumbledore's look of Triumph

Here's some speculations about why Dumbledore had a look of Triumph when Harry told him Voldemort took Harrys blood for his 'resurection'

There are a lot of theories going around about this, and the ones I've heard the most are:

Dumbledore is Evil
I hope not! But, if you think about it, it is a possibility! I know it's a horrible prospect, but it's still a prospect. Dumbledore seems so noble and brave, and good…however (are you sick of this yet?), here's some logic:
-Everyone seems to talk an awful lot about how good Dumbledore is…are we being lulled into a false sense of security by JKR?
-Why would he be triumphant about Voldemort returning if he wasn't evil?

I don't really believe in this one;
It Wasn't Dumbledore
Some people seem to think that it was someone using Polyjuice Potion, but honestly, I don't think JK would overuse it like that! But then again…it would be a perfect cover. Who would suspect it after "Dumbledore" revealed someone under it? Maybe it was one of Voldemort's comrades in disguise, trying to do Crouch in so that he could kill Harry and be honoured instead! But really, I think it was, in fact, Dumbledore.

Voldemort is Mortal Now
Hmm…that's a possibility. Now that the "immortal Voldemort" has Harry's blood, maybe he'll be killable. I hope so…I want him to be properly dead and gone.

Harry was Seeing Things
Ha, ha, ha…this one is kind of funny, but makes sense. Harry was way out of it, was in pain, and had been through an awful lot that night…maybe he was only seeing things. It's a thought.

Did anyone else notice, though, that Sirius reacted, too? He "let out a vehement expression" or something…so obviously, he and Dumbledore both know something…catch my drift? (Caroline )

• I think that Dumbledore's triumphant look WAS because Voldermort is now mortal - if you notice when he resurreccts at the end of GOS he goes on about immortality but also says about missing out on the Philosophers stone that he was now willing to go for mortality before immortality.
Another theory is that this may corrode Voldemort's power from the inside? - He couldn't touch Harry in bk 1 and now he's got that inside him. Could it lessen his powers to have the 'love' power in his veins?
(Chickrock )

• My theory is based on a statement somebody made on this site: Dumbledore can somehow see the future (or at least a part of it). Then there is that question, concerning the note, he sent Harry with the Invisibility Cloak, saying that his father gave it to him before he died. We also know that Dumbledore warnt the Potters to use Sirius as a secret keeper. I believe that he saw that the spell wouldn't prevent them from being killed by Voldemort and so he thought that Sirius was the bad guy. As James insisted on making Sirius secret keeper, he maybe told them what he had seen and made James perform some other spell on Harry that would protect him from Voldemort. Maybe it is a very specific spell, that will protect Harry, but will make Voldemort more vulnerable. (If it happened like that, James would also have been able to tell Dumbledore to give Harry the Invisibility Cloak)

• One theory that I read on the IMDB.com (Internet Movie Database, under the Goblet of Fire message board) about Dumbledore's triumphant smile is as follows:

"I think some of you have missed the importance of Wormtails hand. Harry saved Wormtails life. Dumbledore tells Harry that when a wizard saves another wizards life, a special magical bond is created between them. The saved wizard owes something to the other wizard. In POA, Dumbledore tells Harry that he doubts Voldemort will want a servant who is indebted to Harry. Obviously Wormtail does not tell Voldemort about this, and when Wormtail gives his hand to bring back Voldemorts body, Voldemort is now indebted to Harry as well. Mix in Harry's blood and you can see why Dumbledore gives a smile of triumph!"

This was posted by "whiteja" (---)

• I want to go further with the idea that Voldermort wants to kill Harry because he is Voldemort relative.

So, Voldemort has to kill all his relatives in order to achieve imortality. Every one who belongs to his bloodline must die. That would explain Dumbledore's "look of triumph" in the end of book 4.
When he used Harry's blood to get back his body, he made a mistake. He's mistake is that now that he voldermort has a little of Harry inside himself.
Iven if Voldermort manage to kill Harry, Harry will still be "alive" as a part of Voldemort. And he would'nt de able to kill tha part without kill himself.

• Going further in that theory (that Voldemort has to kill all his relatives to become immortal, Harry being one of them.) Maybe the reason of Dumbledore's "look of triumph" in the end of book 4, was that the headmaster realized that Voldermort had made a mistake. He shouldn't have used Harry's blood because now he has a little of Harry in him. Even if Voldermort kills Harry, Harry will still be alive as a part of Voldermort. So the Lord of Darkness will not be able to become immortal, because he will not be able wipe his relatives off the face of the Earth, unless he kills himself, but then immortality will have come too late.

• I was reading the speculations about "Dumbledore's look of triumph". The way I interpreted it was that the triumph wasn't in that Harry was hurt, but that he, Dumbledore, had been right. When they are discussing why Voldemort can't touch Harry, Dumbledore would say that he is not sure but believes it to be the protection Harry's mother left for him because of her love/sacrifice. Now that Voldemort has used Harry's blood to resurrect himself, he has found away to get past Harry's mother's protection. I think that Dumbledore's triumph was only in the proof that his theory had been correct. The reason why it was so brief is because he immediately realized that Harry was hurt and that was much more important that being right. I don’t see this as an indication of Dumbledore being evil or the Dark Lord.


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