General speculations about Luna

Here's some general Speculations about Luna Lovegood.

• Luna Lovegood Is going to become a key character. She's they only person the trio has gotten close to who wasn't in Gryffindor. Remember the Sorting Hat song? They never really did anything to unite the houses like the sorting hat said...unless you count DA, but that was more of a Club than an attempt to unify the houses...I Believe that Luna is the Key to uniting the Hogwarts Houses. Luna And Harry are going to link together Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. The memory of Cedric will unite Hufflepuff with the other two...I think Slytherin will be very reluctant to join the alliance, but eventually they will join...I believe Malfoy will die before the Houses unite, so there won't be any resistance from him...And JKR said that Harry and Draco will never join forces anyways. (Chouchou)

• Has anyone commented on the part where Luna mentions something about she's not going to be without a mother for much longer? (Autumn)

• It's probable that Ginny and Luna at least knew each other, if they weren't already friends, before going to Hogwart's. In Goblet of Fire when the Weasley's meet the
Diggorys at the portkey someone mentions that the Lovegoods live nearby but went to the World Cup a week earlier. (Robert Cox)

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