General speculations about Mark

Here's some general Speculations about Mark Evans.

• Mark Evans, that 10 year old that Dudley beat up has the same maiden Name that Lily and Petunia have! I dont believe this is a coincidence, and I wouldn't be suprised if he showed up at the sorting ceremony in book 6 (because they start when they're 11). I think he is in some way related to Harry...because I mean, it is highly unlikely that Lily and Petunia didn't have any cousins, siblings, second cousins, 96th cousins 54 times removed...I think he is in some way related to Harry, and will have some sort of important role in the next book. (Chouchou)

• I think that it is possible that Mark Evans is a relative of Harry bc he has the same last name as his mother (he's mentioned in chapter 1 of OoP). I also think that Harry may have other relatives that he may not know about (see next thread below). Harry may also have a godmother since most people have a godmother and godfather but i don't think we'll learn about him having a godmother or any of Lily's friends till a future book and when we learn more about her since we still don't know alot about his parents. (Aisha Pitcan)

• I believe Mark Evans is an open door to a part of Harry's family yet unknown. He is definetly a relative of Harry (second cousin???, cousin). First of all, we all know that JK wouldn't just choose "Evans" as that last name for this kid by coincidence. Then again Dumbledore choose Petunia because of the blood relationship, maybe Mark is a second cousin (more distant blood relation probable reason for not choosing his family to have Harry), also we all know Petunia dispises relatives who she does not consider her equals (money and "success" speaking). So probably that's the reason why Harry hasn't met them.

If the Potters are pure bloods, could they be related to the Weasleys or the Blacks??? since every pure wizard families are related that could be a possibility. In my opinion the Evans are all muggles so Lilly is not connected family wise to other wizards. And I question that I have always on my mind is the following: have you noticed that all "grandparents" are not present at all (don't want to say dead) I mean never heard of James or Lilly's parents, nor Malfoy's, Weasley's, the only grandmother in the story is Neville's, is James an only son?? Harry could also have a Potter great uncle. The Potter family would not be a suitable protection for Harry since is his MOTHER'S BLOOD that protects him! So there are other relatives yet to meet. (Andrea Wright)

• I was looking up the meaning of Mark and Evans, both have very interesting meanings - both biblical and Arthurian. Also, the word "mark" is used frequently, "dark mark", Voldemort "marked" harry and now there is a person named Mark, who may be related to Lily and Petunia.. (Sandra Landsman)

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