General speculations

Here's some general Speculations about miscelaneous topics

• Is there any way to - or anybody who can see Harry through his invisibility cloak without a magic eye like moodys? (Dawn Mcardle)

Dumbledores glasses act as an aurors eye, as many times he has (supposedly) looked harry in the eye while harry was wearing 'the cloak' (---)

• In Chapter 'The Death Eaters' (Book 4) Voldemort tells the death eaters
that "one too cowardly to return ... he shall pay" This is likely Karkaroff ... the head of Durmstrang.!
(Richard Bates)

• I found a site (sorry, don't remember the name!) where on their speculation list they clamed they had a copy of the first two chapters of the OFTP book. This might be a hoax but from what I got in the summary that only included the important stuff it was pretty interesting. Dumbledore resigned/got fired by Fudge so he's not at Hogwarts in the beggining. Snape does NOT become Headmaster. That job is taken by Mcgonnagal. The Dursleys are less effected by Harry's Sirius Black threat and almost don't let him go to the Weasely's house. Mrs. Weasely picks him up. Fred and George are learning to Apparate and messing up alot. Percey has Crouche's old job and is happy. Harry and Ron get a letter from Hermione telling them about how she's at Krum's. Ron gets jealous and Harry gets mixed feelings about Hermione. On their lists of books for Hogwarts Charlie wrote a new book called Dancing with Dragons for care for magical creatures class (this will be an interesting year with Hagrid!). They also need a permision slip for DADA. This might be changed from the copy I read but not much.!

• I think that Harry is most safe at the Dursleys because of another witch of magic folk living close by, Arebella Figg. I hope I am right in saying that A.F. is going to be another piece in realation to solving the Voldy problem at end or book 7. Only because I beleive Voldy will come after Harry at Private drive and I think that A.F. is a powerful witch and she along with Ron Hermoine Lupin Serius Dumblodore and(you might think I am crazy) but Snape, will help Harry defeat Voldy. Why would they make such a conection and such a big deal about Snape in all the books? Not just to make Harry have a hassle because Snape is also an important clue I think right at the end Snape is going to change sides and save Harry far fetched but I beleive its the truth. (Laura Reidy)

• Appearances Aren't Everything

This is less important, but wizards and witches live longer than Muggles, which makes perfect sense! Wizards can magically heal themselves, so it's obvious that their immune systems would be stronger than ours are.

Also, a friend of mine said, "If Harry can do magic, why doesn't he give himself perfect vision?" and I have a theory on that. I believe that magic keeps people from changing their appearance. Tom Riddle, to look like Voldemort, had to undergo dangerous transformations. He couldn't just wave his wand and be changed.

My mom was quoted to have said "it's interesting to me what the boundaries of magic are" and I can't agree more. Apparently, witches and wizards are limited to the magic they perform. No spell can awaken the dead, there is no cure for werewolves, and they can't change their appearance without risks. I am glad, very glad, that magic is limited…because, as humans, so are we. ("Caroline")

• what about ghosts? Why do some people become ghosts while others do not? I have a theory about this: Perhaps people who are determined to do something become ghosts. Moaning Myrtle: "I was just floating away . . . and then I came back. I was determined to haunt her, you see." And Prof. Binns was determined to keep teaching.

• I See Dead People

JK has said that the happiest people don't become ghosts, which makes sense.

With real ghosts (yes, I believe in them. I trust Sylvia Brown), they are also very unhappy. Someone who was peaceful and happy isn't going to stick around and haunt everyone. I think JK did a great job with the ghosts. It's a riot how proud they are of being dead. And this makes for a great Harry Potter joke - "I see dead people…they're everywhere…" lol.

But is there another reason, perhaps? Simply being unhappy can't be the only reason someone becomes a ghost, surely! You can be in a bad mood, then die unexpectedly, but just because you were having a bad day, you aren't going to be a ghost! Look at the evidence (don't you hate it when I do this…):

-Nearly Headless Nick was the victim of a botched beheading. Very painful and humiliating, not to mention that he must have done something to be the victim. Maybe he was falsely accused of something, and that's a good reason for him to be a ghost!
-Moaning Myrtle was teased for her entire life, the poor thing. That's enough to make anyone become a ghost - but also, she died right when she had been teased about her glasses.
-The Bloody Baron was probably lonely…and even in the afterlife, he's given quite a wide space apart from the other ghosts.

Only one thing…real ghosts have no idea that they're dead. Maybe it's different for wizards, I don't know, but I suppose that seems logical. ("Caroline")

• Dark Side of the Moon

There have been a lot of rumors about who's going to turn bad and go to the Dark Side. The question is, who will it be? As usual…time for options and logic! Fun times…

-Harry: Well, I should hope not! Why would be go over to the Dark Side, if it was the Dark Side that killed his parents? He said, quite clearly, in the first book that he would never go over to them. Besides, The Boss (Ms. Rowling) herself said that he wouldn't.

-Hermione: It's a possibility, but I don't see why she would. She very clearly hates Dark Magic. She's way too nice to become evil…I hope. Sometimes it's the last person you'd expect.

-Ron: This is the more controversial one. Ron is in the shadow of his brothers and clearly loves it when he gets attention. The Dark Side is an almost certain way to get attention and whatnot, but I don't think that Ron's likely to go over to the Dark Side, because he's too "Gryffindor" for that. I don't see him using Dark Arts in desperation for attention and power. That's really more of a Percy thing, isn't it?

-Ginny: I don't see this happening, since Ginny's so sweet and she's had too many bad experiences with the Dark Side to see any appeal to it.

-Percy: Yes. I think Percy will either go to the Dark Side or put one of his family members in Azkaban. My reasoning (ha, I had you thinking that I wouldn't have any for this category):

-Percy is extremely power-hungry and the Dark Side is very tempting to those with that disposition.
-Ron said in the third book, "'Course, he's very ambitious, Percy" and greed and ambition are qualities of many Dark wizards.
-Hermione said in the fourth book, "Percy would never throw any of his family to the dementors!" and Ron said "I dunno…if he thought we were in the way of his career…" Is JK giving us a clue?
-Percy is an extreme butt-kisser and very gullible, so he'd be very easy to tempt to the Dark Side.

So, you see what I'm saying? I think it makes sense. I've never liked Percy all that much anyway, so I don't care if he wants to go and screw up his life, but I worry about Ron and the rest of the Weasleys.

Fred or George: I don't think so at all. Voldemort wouldn't be amused if he waved his wand and it turned into a rubber ducky.

Neville: Um…I highly doubt it, as he's way too nice for that. Besides, his parents were tortured by Voldemort and can't recognize him now…I don't think he'd want to side with whoever did that to them. ("Caroline")

• In the 3rd book, Lupin told Harry, Ron and Hermione that animagus transformations can go horribly wrong. Then I thought of Mrs Norris! She is a very intelligent cat, is very devoted to Filch and vice versa and maybe she was Filches wife/housekeeper/friend etc and attempted to become an animagus- but was stuck as a cat permanently!

• Ever wonder why the cat is a "Mrs." ??? What happened to Mr. Norris? I think
that Mrs. Norris was once a human and that she and Flitch were having an
affair. They were caught by Mr. Norris, an powerful wizard in his own right.
He turned his wife into a cat, and wanted nothing further to do with her.

Flitch, a squib has been trying to learn enough magic to change her back.

Perhaps we will find out that Mrs. Norris possesses a secret that once
reviled will impact the forces of darkness, and ones restored to human form
she will aid our heroes.

In the end, she and a happier (and more pleasant) Flitch will finally be
together as humans.
(Steven Vohl)

• Filch right now does not seem to have real relationships with any of the other characters (only with Snape and that's just because they both like punishing students) and this could bring in a connection with 'Mr. Norris'. Only problem is we already know most of the regular character's last names and no others by the name of Norris have turned up. J.K. Rowling doesn't seem to leave any missing pieces in the Harry Potter series so I doubt she would leave him as a random person who is never mentioned again. Another problem; if Mrs. Norris really was originally human why doesn't Dumbledore or some other magical person turn her back?
(D.Shanfan )

• So far, nobody has ever mentioned the heir of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, this could maybe explain why the wand of voldemort contains a feather of Fawkes because ALL THE HEIRS, including Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, have a feather of Fawkes. And maybe in book 7 all four of them will compete against voldemort.
Now, who is the 4th?

J.K. said:" Harry an MALFOY will battle evil TOGETHER"
so than we have Harry from Griffyndor
Malfoy from Slytherin
maybe Hanna Abbot from Hufflepuff
and someone else for Ravenclaw (Cho-Chang???)
Maybe this crew will be called the "ORDER of the Phoenix"
(Sam van Dam)

• Although interesting, Mr Olivander mentioned that the Phoenix from which the wand's feather came, only gave one other feather which ended up in the wand's 'brother', Voldemorts wand (webmaster HPF)

• it's all in the names! Professor Remus Lupin. Lupin is latin for wolf.
Professor Lupin is a werewolf. There is a roman Legend about two brothers
Remus and Romulus. They are abandoned as infants and thrown into a river.
They are then pulled out of the river by a wolf and nursed back to
health. They then live out most of their teenage lives with this wolf.
Somehow the build Rome and are then Made the rulers. But Romulus being
jelous and greedy kills his brother so he can become the sole Emporer. So
basically Professor Remus Lupin has a brother out there who will kill him
sometime before the seventh book.

• I agree with the fact that Lupin probaly does have a brother but this story was orginally writen down in Latin, and in Latin Lupin means wolf. But in the Story it was writen down that a Lupa pulled the two babied from the water. ( IN NORMAL LATIN GRAMMAR LUPIN IS THE MASCLE FORM OF THE WORD AND LUPA WOULD BE THE FEMENE) BUT THIS IS ONE OF THOSE EXCEPTIONS AND LUPA MEANS HOOKER) seeing as its a children's book JK Rowling might choose not to use this legend/myth again. (Sarah)

• I read in an interview with JK Rowling that Dumbledore was a 150 and fifty years old and McGonagall is 70. This means Voldemort is about McGonagall's. Harry found out about how witches and wizard's age. This may become important in furture books.. (Sarah)

• This is a though I had about Lupin. In the third book he says he's not an expert of Dementor fighting quiet the opposite. in one of the furture book Lupin could be over come by the dementors. (Sarah)

• Two things I have noticed which few people seem to have picked up: Vampires and Pettigrew's silver hand.

Each book has had something about vampires, whether Snape or Sirius look like them, but no vampires have yet been revealed. I think one is coming up.

The silver hand. Silver is poison to werewolves. I think Peter will kill Lupin somehow with the silver hand Voldemort gave him. (Wickedracer)

• Remember Bertha Jorkins in book 4, the absent minded person killed by
Voldemort in the beginning and who was so forgetful and absentminded.
Well, we later find out that she was so forgetful because of a memory
charm that was too strong. Maybe Neville is so forgetful because of some
memory charm.
(Crazy People )

• Has anyone else noticed that in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets there are skorch marks all the wall that were Mrs. Norris is attacked. Or that Fawks has a warm tail when Harry is holding on to it as Fawks carrys the group back to the girls bathroom. What if Fawks or some other Phoenix was there the night Mrs. Norris was attacked. JK Rowling does like to give us small little clues that don't mean much at the time but are important later and this could explain the title to the fifth book or be a clue on some of the other powers in the school or of Harry's, his parent's, Dumbledore, Fawks or even Tom Riddle.
(Sarah Brant )

• In the old language of flowers the meaning of Holly is foresight. The phoenix a magical bird able to be reborn in flames. As these are the two components of Harry's wand could it mean that like Voldemort he will reborn through fire and that this is what has been foreseen y Trewlawny and Dumbledore..

• Why do the Elves in the books have a specific name: houselves? (I love erverything that has something to do with Elves) It seems to me that JK did this for some reason, maybe there are other Elves, such as Highelves or Nightelves (or some other special sort of Elves)? .

• I have heard rumors that Quirrell's brother is the new DADA teacher, who I'm not sure. There is also rumors that he is coming to get revenge for his brother, so there is another person after Harry Potter.(---)

• I noticed something that I have not yet seen mentioned at any speculation or rumors list. Has anyone noticed that when the Dursleys take Dudley, his friend and Harry to the zoo, the name of his friend is "Piers Polkiss"? She describes him as "a scrawny boy with a face like a rat" Anyone who has read JK Rowling, by now must realize that nothing is as simple as you first see it. Somewhere I read that the Dursleys will come back in future books. What a "coincidence" this boys' name is the same as Peter Petigrew. Does it ring a bell.. Peter Petigrew. ...face like a rat.. wasn't the Peter description so similar to this one. Could it be that she was preparing us for future books? Could there be more to this than what meets the eye? Or is it that I am desperate looking for hidden clues? (Nana)

• As we know from reading the back of his Chocolate Frog trading card, Albus Dumbledore gained fame when he was successful in his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945. We also know that Tom Riddle (aka Voldemort) was at Hogwarts in 1942 (50 years before Harry's second year). We also are aware that if Voldemort is afraid of any wizard, he is afraid of Dumbledore. It is my speculation that Tom Riddle was a protogé of Grindelwald while he was a student at Hogwarts, and probably learned a lot of his dark arts from him. Voldemort would have great reason to fear Dumbledore, as he was the one who took down his hero and mentor, Grindelwald. Perhaps we will learn more about Grindelwald in book 5, as it marks the 50th anniversary of his downfall, perhaps we will have to wait until later, but Grindelwald and Voldemort have to be connected in some way.(Adam)

• Somewhere on your side I read about the possibility of Lily and Aunt Petunia being Voldemorts children. In my opinion this is impossible, as in book one Petunia states: I was the only one who saw her for what she (Lily) was- a freak! But for my mother and father, oh no, it was Lily this and Lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family! So how could she say that their parents were proud of Lily if (as that theory states) their mother died and their father (Voldemort) left them?? That doesn't make any sense.
• I recently heart somebody talking about the fact that Ron said that there was one squib in their family (a cousin, but they never talk about him) and suggesting that maybe Uncle Vernon is this cousin. This would mean that Aunt Marge is a witch and no one who read book two can seriously believe that she is one. Just think about how bad she talks about James and Lily and how much she hates Harry. So if that cousin of Ron's is of any importance I don't think that it is Uncle Vernon.
• Another thing from book one that irritates me is that James was Head Boy. I mean I don't know anything about that Head Boy and Head Girl stuff as I am not from Great Briten or America and in our school system there is nothing comparable. But as I understand it you have to have good marks and to be a model student and James definitly wasn't a model student (we know that because he, Sirius, Remus and Peter were making jokes all the time just like the Weasley twins). So how could James be Head Boy??? (If my believe of what a Head Boy/ Girl is supposed to be is false please
write back and explain to me, because I would really like to know what all that stuff is about) (Sylvana Wetscher)

• My wife and I have been discussing all of the books while we anxiously await Book 5 and she came up with an interesting thought. What if Neville's toad is actually the Unspeakable, Croaker (a toad is a croaker of sorts) disguised to protect Neville after the horrible loss of his parents. Neville's toad's disappearances could be Croaker checking in with the Department of Mysteries or doing some reconnaissance.

• just to add i think percy weasley will be significant and i think he'll become a death eater. In
book 2-he is reading Prefects who gained power. is that possibly foreshadowing his becoming a death eater (Derrick Oberhofer)

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