General speculations

Here's some general Speculations about miscelaneous topics

• I believe that the Mirror of Erised in book one is one of the main clues to the entire series. Ron sees himself as Headboy carrying the quidditch cup. Well now that he is in the team and a prefect, well this is possible. He could come out of the shadow of his brothers.

If that is so, then is it that Harry will be reunited with his parents and other family?

After all we just know that his parents died. We know that Sirius passed beyond the veil but did Bellatrix kill him we did not hear! But what happened to them? There is no mention of a burials or of a body to recover for Sirius to be buried.

If so are they truly dead or could they come back. For is Ron gets his wish then Harry could receive his and be reunited with the family he had never known.

But is that were true would Dumbledore receive more socks than he knew what to do with!

It is possible that the Veil will become very important, I feel. Is this where Wizards and Witches go when they die? I think it could be or just those for whom it is a brief rest before they return. For some wizards are immortal, Merlin for instance is immortal. Dumbledore, I believe is Immortal and so is Harry if he defeats Voldemort. (Helen)

• Even if the mirror of Erised does foreshadow the books I don't think that Ron will be head boy bc his grades aren't all that great in the books. I think that Hermione wil do great on her OWL'S but i'm not sure about Harry and Ron. I don't think we'll learn more about there future careers until we get their OWL results. Though if harry doesn't do well on them he could become a DADA teahcer if he lives through the books. (Aisha Pitcan)

• first off when a couple of the prophecies fall one of them says"at solstice will come a new.." solctice is the longest and shortest day of the year,June 21 being one of them. the same day book five is released! but since solstice fluctuates it could be the third task it referes to and the next word might be EVIL.
when Harry's knife melts in the door thats the door dumbldore talks about later.
when harry learn he's late for the hearing the witch that inters first is carrying same potion snape made for lupin, bode who enters next has sallow skin seeing as the ministry is under ground he could be a vampire.
did you notice sirius "died" in the "death chamber".in one of many interviews j.k.
stated that she had decided if sirius would be proven Innocent but telling would ruin major plot point,like hes not dead?also "living" versions of harry parent will not be seen so he will see them behind the veil.
and although just a thought luna's mom was working on avada kedavra counter curse
seeing as luna serves no real purpose. (Jake)

• I think that Hermione's wand is made of Dragon heart string bc there are 3 common substances that wands can be made of and since harry has a phoenix feather and ron has a unicorn hair than Hermione must have a dragon heart string. (Aisha Pitcan)

• I believe that the Room of Requirement could play a major part in the 6th and 7th books. Can anyone else see this scene?:

I need to talk to my parents, Harry thought, walking back and forth past the wall. I need to meet them and get some answers.

I think that something like that - it could also be with Sirius - will definitely play a bigger part. I also think that the mimbulus mimbletonia and Grawp will be important to the story - Rowling doesn't just put things in the story for no reason. . (Bludevil)

• Harry's Career; In my opinion, I do not think Harry Potter will make a very good Auror. I believe a great job for him is to be a Headmaster at Hogwarts. From past books, you can tell how he likes to be in charge (Rescuing the Sorcerer's Stone, etc.), especially in the 5th book when he wants to be the only one to go "rescue Sirius". Most importantly, his work teaching the DA had a tremendous outcome, as they all saved each other with what they learned. (-)

• In the 5th book there's a man mentioned that I think is Aberforth Dumbledore. The only other time he was mentioned was in book 3 when he Albus said his brother had his moments of unpopularity. Then in the Hog's Head, the bartender is a tall old man with long hair & looks vaguely familiar. I think he'll show up in the next book.

Harry wants to take advanced potions so he can become an auror, so what if Snape finally gets the DADA job & somebody else teaches potions, so he can continue? (Aimee)

• I read on the BBC newsround that JKR gave a teeny hint in her reading, which included the career advice Prof. McGonagal gave to Harry. I got a few ideas from that passage. One of my ideas was that when Prof. McGonagal said she would help Harry become an auror, it may mean that he will now begin to get "training in combat". He now knows the secret that many of the adults know of and what is expected of him. He may continue the D.A. group he began in OotP or he may start training in various Defense Against the Dark Arts private lessons, on the side, of course, with the aide of various teachers and perhaps Dumbledore.

Another theory that came up in my musings was those lines where Prof. McGonagal and Umbridge are bickering about how there may be a new Minister of Magic by the time Harry comes of age. Will Fudge continue to be the Minister by the time all is said and done? How is the government system in the magical world? Here in America and in many other countries, there are time limits to terms of positions with a great deal of power. Will Fudge have to "run again" for re-election? Is any of this really significant now that Fudge is acknowledging the truth? Will he try to help Harry, also? Will he be a useful ally or will he be as useless and annoying as he's been in the past? Is he hiding anything?

I think that book 6 will be a bridge between 5 and 7, kind of like 3 was. There was a great showdown between Harry and Voldemort in 1,2,4 and 5 so there may not be a showdown between the two of them at all in 6. Voldemort might be planning and scheming and doing other things in book 6. Or book 6 could have a showdown between Dumbledore and Voldemort where Dumbledore dies and Harry goes out to avenge his death in 7.

The question also remains as to who will be the new DADA teacher. Will he or she be an asset to Harry and will the position will continue it's streak of bad luck? JK Rowling has already proven that she likes to break trends of things, people or events. Very little has remained constant throughout the books so maybe there will be only one DADA teacher for the two years.

In regards to everyone’s favorite kid, Malfoy. What will become of him? Malfoy is growing older and stronger as the years go by along with Harry. He’s not the most powerful of wizards but we’ve seen that you don’t have to be a great wizard to cause a lot of damage (Peter Pettigrew). His hatred for Harry may fuel something terrible in him that could cause Harry more damage then anybody realizes. Will Draco Malfoy join his father in the Death Eaters? The Order of the Phoenix requires wizards of age (although it may be that they will break this rule for Harry since it all comes down to him) but do the Death Eaters have to be a certain age to join? We know now that Malfoy won’t walk around boasting about his father anymore since everyone now knows what kind of a piece of garbage this wealthy wizard really is. It’s clear the other two houses (Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff) like to take Gryffindor’s side in everything against Slytherin. So far of what we’ve seen is that Malfoy only has friends in Slytherin, where as Harry and his friends have friends throughout the three houses (Luna, Ernie). Liking Malfoy isn’t easy so how will his “friends” in Slytherin (Pansy for example) treat him now that everyone knows the truth about the Malfoys. Bad guys are notorious for bailing on each other when the stakes are down. Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Theodore Nott and any other children of Death Eaters may now have to band together (and maybe start their own group: Junior Death Eaters…ha ha). (Flower Child)

• I think Dumbledore and Voldemort are related. They can't be brothers unless there was a way big age gap because Dumbledore taught young Tom Riddle at school. They cant be son and father. Well, they could but i doubt it. We never hear of a Mrs Dumbledore do we? But Voldemort COULD be Dumbledores nephew. What if Voldemorts mum was Dumbledore's sister? It could happen. I think they have some sort of connection. I mean, it's conceivable. It could happen. I think there will be several family links to come out. At least one anyway, and it will probably be a shock. For example, Harry could be related to Neville in some way. He could be related to Ron, or seeing as all pure blood families are interelated and Harrys father was pure blood he could be related to anyone, Malfoy, a death eater, any pure blood. It could happen. (Hannah)

• The old man in the Hogs Head- possible Dumbledore's brother Aberforth. After all we know he is a shady character, and the description is "...with a great deal of long grey hair and beard[like Dumbledore]. He was tall and thin and looked vaguely familiar to Harry." Well of course he would. being Dumbledore's brother he would resemble Dumbledore slightly.
This may not be a huge speculation but it could lead to more in coming books. (Hannah)

• i think a member of the Order will come to Hogwarts to be a DAtDA teacher, everyone now knows Voldemort's back, so who better to protect and prepare the children from his attack than the group of people fighting the hardest to stop him? Lupin for example, now Voldemort's back I'm sure Werewolves are the least of parents problems. Or maybe even Tonks, though she seems a bit haphazard to teach- or maybe that's what gets her there? She's a bit too clumsy to be in the Order properly? Or because she can change her appearance, she could work as a different person, i mean she works not looking like herself. (Hannah)

• Why did they not ask the ghost of howarts to look for the Chamber of Secrets when the teachers looked for it when it was opened the first time ? (Philippe Marquis)

• In book 2 Harry is asked to attend Nearly Headless Nicks 500th anniversary of his death day. Page 135 states "an enormous gray cake in the shape of a tombstone, with tar-like icing forming the words:
Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington Died 31 October, 1492

Therefore, if this is his 500th anniversary of his death in 1492 then the date of the party Harry attended in his 2nd year after recently turning 12 is 1992 --- which means he was born in 1980. Reading further Tom Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets fifty years prior when he was 16 --- which means Tom M. Riddle was born in 1926 (Paul M.T. W.)

victor krum:
when is krum supposed to finish school? hermoine mentions something in book four, that he likes hogwarts much better than durmstrang. and we need another new defense against the dark arts teacher. he´s supposed to have learned quite a lot of that in durmstrang. isn´t he?!

house elfs:
why is it always so pronounced that they are powerful magic creatures but can only use it, when their masters allow them. It´s also said, that hugest dwelling in britain is hogwarts. which means that dumbledore is their master, doesn´t it? and what´s all the talk about dumbledore´s army? (may be not against the ministry but against someone else?) (Tonks)

• Something I found very strange in the 5th book is the use of the two names Purkiss and Perkins. They sound very much the same, don't you think?? Doris Purkiss is the woman, who thinks that Sirius is Stubby Boardman and Perkins is the name of the man who works in the same office as Arthur Weasley. BUT this is not the only time his name was mentioned. In the chapter Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four (page 318) it is mentioned again. They are having a History of Magic class and Hedwig comes in, hurt. When Harry asks if he can go, Professor Binns tells him: Yes,...yes, hospital wing, ... well, off you go, then, Perkins... Even Binns should know that Harry isn't called Perkins, but Potter! So why does he mix up the names??? (Emily Miller)

1. In the last book, Harry may need to choose between living in this world or going 'beyond the veil' to be reunited with his parents and Sirius. Of course he'd have to kill
Voldemort first.
2. Since Snape is a member of the order, will his loyalty lie with Harry who has close ties to the order, or will he still side with Malfoy even though his father has been proven
to be a death eater?
3. Is Tonks the new DADA teacher?
4. When Rowling wrote about the magazine being banned, but then everyone raced out to get a copy, was it a dig at those schools etc who banned Harry Potter from their
5. Why does Harry always get in trouble for doing magic outside Hogwarts, but Fred and George spent their holiday Apparating and Disapperating?
6. Harry should know by now to take Dumbledore at his word, and if Dumbledore says to do something he should trust him. By the same token, Dumbledore should realise if he wants Harry to do something and it's important, he should give him reasons. If they communicated properly, most terrible things could be avoided.
7. Harry and Snape should grow up and sort out their differences. Harry still has to take potions, and is likely to join the order, so they will be part of each other's lives for a long time. They know a lot about each other. Harry saying he'll never forgive Snape, even though Snape went off to get Sirius etc shows he can still be very immature. Snape failing Harry for no reason shows he can be immature. They could learn a lot from each other if they put the past behind them. They don't need to be friends, just have a working relationship!
8. Is Lupin going to play a bigger part in Harry's life now? He's the last of James' school friends who can do so.
9. If Hagrid knew about the Thestrels, and Luna and Neville could see them, why didn't everyone know about them? When they first arrived and everyone was talking about the 'horseless Carriages' why didn't someone who could see them say 'Actually, they're pulled by these huge big horse-things......'
10. Why was Grawp brought into the story? Obviously something major is going to happen with the giants in the next couple of books. Are they going to join up with the
order? Dumbledore once mentioned it would be a good idea.? (Anthony)

• Finally I found one site that mention the disapearance of our little fellow Wormtail. I don't recall that he's dead by the end of book 4. In OoTP, his name was mentioned only twice. One is when Sirius think that Wormtail told Voldy that he is Padfoot and when Harry saw him in old photograph of first Order. Other than that, we have no clue. Here's my speculation:

Wormtail is (polyjuiced) Fudge. Fudge in OoTP is rather strange and growing very unfriendly to Harry. Remember how he treat Harry during PoA by giving him shelter and "protection" form Sirius? He was willingly to break his own rules to protect Harry.
And think how Harry and his friend could be so easily enter Ministry office (through visitor entrance!) all the way to Department of Magic. More than that, how could a dozen of masked Death Eater enter the office afterward? I smell a rat..

No, Fudge is not under Imperius Curse. Mr Weasley specifically mentioned this after Harry's hearing. (Irvan Kartawiria)

• I believe that if there is to be a new Minister of Magic it will be Amelia Bones. Dumbledore won’t accept the position if offered and Bones seemed like a fair person, plus, I’m sure that JKR would like to have a female in charge since she generally tends to forget about them. Girl Power! (Soledad)

•This is what i believe is going to happen in the future of Harry Potter. Book six Hermione will be injured by Voldemort and when she is in the hospital wing, Ron and Harry will both go after Voldemort. Ron who we all know is smitten with Hermione will surprise us all with the power that he has, but it will not be enough, Ron will either be permentantly injured or he will die. Harry will have the opportunity to kill Voldemort but will fail, he will loose his nerve. Lupin is going to be the new Harry father substitute and will play a big part in the next book. The end of this series is going to end in a blood bath. JKR told us that there were going to be very few survivors. In book seven Harry will learn to the full exstent his connection with Voldemort and learn of an ancient magic that binds them. He will have to sacrifice himself in order to kill Voldemort, after all didn't Dumbledore say that the power he has is in Love and what greater love can Harry give then his love for the wizarding community and Hogwarts by saving them all.
It will not be Dumbledore that tells Harry of this connection, because as we know Dumbledore struggled at telling him of the prophecy he wont be able to tell him of this. It will be Snape that tells him and this will be his way of redeeming himself. The last word of the book is supposidly 'scar'. I think this will refer to a statue of Harry in Hogwarts. A lot of people are going to die in the last book. I think Hagrid will go, Lupin definatly and i think Ron will die in Book six. There needs to be alot of death because Harry has to loose everything to make that big sacrifice he also has to be angry enough. Ithink that Draco Malfoy secretly likes Hermione and will join sides with Harry in the end for her. Hermione and Dumbledore will survive in the end of it. I want to know how Peter Pettegrew is going to tie into all of this, wether there is a significance with Harry's eyes, Whats Dumbledore going to do in the next books and how is Voldemort's snake going to tie into things. (Debbie)

• I knew I recognized Sturgis Podmore's name from somewhere else. So I went back and looked. It was Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore from the Headless Hunt in COS. Is there any relation between the two of them? I thought that was interesting because JKR almost never has a "coincidence" in her books. I wonder if there is a good reason that she used the name twice (Flower Child)

• Ok, this may be a completely wild theory but here goes. JKR has impressd the fact that Dean Thomas is an excellent artist.We also know that it's mostly (if not always) potraits or paintings and not photographs that people can converse with, especially since the subject has always been dead. It seems pretty useful and an easy way to keep people "alive". Now people have mentioned that JKR couldn't have completely "killed" Sirius. I personally think he's dead, as are Harry's parents. I also don't believe that any of them will come back as ghosts. I have surmised that perhaps Harry will be able to speak to them as portraits and may be Dean Thomas will be the one to bring them (or at least Sirius) "back to life" in the "potrait sense". I don't know how the potraits can bring people back to life, whether the subject is dead or not when it's done but if it can be done, then why shouldn't Dean give Harry the gift of kind of having Sirius and his parents back? I think Dean's artistic talent will play some kind of a role because why else has JKR told us numerous times that he's an excellent artist? (Flower Child)

• I just thought of something.

Hermione is ALWAYS saying, " You can't disapparate inside the grounds, " "You can't enter by stealth" etc etc. must be for SOME reason. i suppose it could just be a joke JK likes, but what if it it's something more? maybe someone tries to get in or gets in and tries to get out and can't? Like, i dunno, a death eater or something, and then they get caught? Just thought it was weird how they keep going on about it. (Hannah xxx)

• Well, I know what you mean. I read some interesting comment on this site. Somebody wonders about the fact that Dobby 'visits' Harry in the hospital wing, when his bones re-grow. Suddenly Dobby hears somebody coming and guess what! He DISAPPARATES!!!!!! Strange, isn't it? But I'm sure that you know that houseelves are very powerful, on which is laid an emphasis too. I really don't know why, but something tells me that THIS IS A HINT!!!!! ;-) (Sylvana)

• In the fourth book it is mentioned that house elves use a different kind of magic, and the could be why house elves can apparate inside Hogwarts. ( Meg )

Crookshanks... who I believe was James and Lily's cat. He's very comfortable with Sirius Black. He's also extremely smart and even though Sirius never knew the cat, James and Lily could have talked about him around Crookshanks. The shopkeeper also said he'd had Crookshanks for a very long time and that no one wanted him. He also took a liking to Harry straight away. His legs were also wobbly, as though he'd been hurt...perhaps when Lily was killed and the house was detroyed. Maybe he'd been trapped but managed to get out. But he was left injured. Just an idea. (Kate J)

• I wonder if anybody saw the fact of Mundungus. Dumbledore told Harry that one person heard the begining of the prophecy before been saked. Before that, Sirius had told Harry that Mundungus was saked about twenty years ago, what if he missed for about four years?, we know that Mundungus sells everything, even a bit of information...

Another thing, i think that any wizard or witch can do magic without a wand, the difference is that the wand´s objective is to canalize the force of the wizard to focus in a spell, hax or anything, but Harry dont seem to need a wand, he can canalize his spells without a wand. The only creatures that can make magic without a wand are house elves and goblins (and phoenix), but we know that a wand is definitly necesary to make magic, because without a wand you are condemned to act like a muggle ( we can see Hagrid punishment: they broked his wand in two).

Now that Harry knows everything about his destiny, i think it seems logical, that Dumbledore teach Harry to fight "like Voldemort does", or like Dumbledore, new Harry´s mission will be to teach DA every new spell, hax or whatever new thing Dumbledore´ll teach him.

I can see a great battle at the end of the seventh book, DA besides the MoM, giants, house elves, centaurs, etc. fighting DE and Dementors, some Giants and goblins, and of course: Voldemort. Wich another idea could Rowling have making Harry to teach the Patronus course if it wasnt a battle against the dementors? (Oswaldo Lopez)

• Perhaps another Easter Egg... something that (TPL) said about the mirror that Sirius gave Harry to communicate with. I think perhaps it was brought up again because THAT's how the Order has been communicating... not to bring Sirius back .(AgentMoonHunter)

• I think that the house elves may play an important role in the future.It may sound absurd,but in Book2,Dobby mentions"Ah,harry Potter,if only you knew what he means to us(house elves)...and the Dark Lord was defeated,and it was a new dawn for us.."Dobby does try to protect Harry,too.So,the house elves may help Harry win the war against Voldemort.After all,we know that they have "powerful magic of their own,but they can't use it without their master's permission".
Now,what would help house elves to do magic without permission?-S.P.E.W!.(R Sriram)

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