General speculations

Here's some general Speculations about miscelaneous topics

• Through 6 books, I haven't found the explaination as to how house elves can aparate within Hogwarts. ( Shery)

• In the fourth book it is mentioned that house elves use a different kind of magic, and the could be why house elves can apparate inside Hogwarts. ( Meg )

• I think that Harry's godmother is non other then Mrs. Weasley. Why else would she keep him every summer and why would she have givem Harry a Weasley sweater when technically he would only meet her properlly later on the other book. They probablly hid that from him to keep him safe and in a case of her dyeing he would nt miss it to much. And that might be the ther reason why Sirius and her used to fight all the time about Harry's education. I dn't think that all that mothery love would come out of no where at all and they both were on the order of OP together. ( Rayssa )

• Is Ginny a weasley, or is she adopted? As she has such a resemblance to Lily Potter, and the same colour eyes as James Potter, isn't it possible that she is in fact Harrys baby sister, and not Rons? It would also explain Hagrids 24 hour absence after Voldemorts allack. ( Jan )

• I believe Hermione is a werewolf. In Prizoner of Azkaban we find out that a werewolf will only repsond to the call of there own kind. When Lupin as a werewolf is about to attack Harry it is Hermione's call that the werewolf responds to by imediately running towards. Just my speculation. ( Chip )

• Hermione did not call the Lupin in the Prisoner of Azkaban BOOK. J.K. Rowling does not have the final say about what is in the movie so I doubt very much that Hermione is a werewolf or Ron and Harry would have noticed her disappearing once a month. ( Meg )

• What about the Potter family? There seems to be a conspicuous lack of detail about the Potter family other than they have left Harry wizards gold. Books 5 and 6 reveal details and discuss lineages of various characters, but not Harry's father, James Potter. Doesn't Harry have any living relations on his father's side, family home, ancestral details? We are told at various places by various characters about Harry's resemblance to his parents...curious. ( Paul W. Mailloux )

• Did sirius and dumbledore died in for harry's defense? i think not. since it was sirius and dumbledore were the intended target of the killing curses. ( kagemaro )

• It might not be harry who kills voldemort. it might be Neville. because in the ootp neville broke his wand didn't he. and that was his father's wand. 'you never get such good results with another person's wand.' in the hbp he is going to get his own wand so maybe by using his own wand he might kill Voldemort ( Shuba )

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