Muggle/Wizard Theory - Mudbloods and Muggles: The Genetics of The Wizarding Word (Theory)

How do muggles get mag children does there have to be some sort of mag ancestor? Sod_off_Balrick has a *theory* for this question. It uses the principle of genetics, which most people 16 or over (in Britain) should understand.

To understand where Muggleborns come from, we should understand the concept of human genetics:

  • Each person has 2 genes in each cell (which are identical from cell to cell) for each characteristic. One from the mother. One from the father. They can be different or the same.
  • Each egg or sperm has either a copy of one of the genes or of the other. Never both.
  • When a man and a woman reproduce an egg and sperm combine and the genes from the egg and sperm for a particlar characteristic decide the characteristic.
  • To decide, some genes are dominant, and some are recessive
    A dominant gene will overrule a recessive gene in choosing characteristics.
  • For example, say we have a mother and father. Each has a gene for brown eyes, and one for blue eyes. Brown is the dominant gene, so
  • If a sperm with a gene for brown eyes meets an egg with a gene brown eyes, then the child will have brown eyes, and all his children will almost definitely have brown eyes too, as they will always have brown in their genetic makeup.
  • If a sperm for brown meets an egg for blue (or vice versa) the child will have brown eyes, as the brown overrules the blue. However the child may have children with eyes which are either brown or blue (or perhaps even another colour)
  • The only time when the childs eyes will be blue is when blue meets blue. Even then, his children could have different colour eyes if his/her partner has a gene which is more dominant.

We can use this theory to explain the concepts of muggleborns

  • The factor which decides whether or not a person is a Wizard may well be in the genes.
  • Non-wizard would be the dominant gene and Wizard the recessive
  • This means Wizard gene must meet Wizard gene for the child to be a Wizard.
  • To put this into the context of the characters:
  • Lily and Petunia are sisters, but one is a witch and the other a Muggle
  • Therefore either each of their parents must have a Wizard gene and a Non-Wizard gene. They have Wizard in them.
  • In Lily's case, the two Wizard genes met to give her Wizard powers. She is pure witch.
  • In Petunia's, either two Non-Wizard genes met, making her pure muggle, or a Wizard and Non-Wizard met, meaning she is Muggle but has Wizard in her.

Therefore there may well have been some magical ancestor in the Evans line. Or perhaps they were just carriers of the Wizard gene and Lily was the first time it came out. It's probably the former, but who knows.

The only point against this theory is the concept of squibs, as if my genetics are true then no Wizard should have a Non-Wizard gene which genetically should be present for a Wizard to have a muggle child. My theory then is not perfect but the best I can come up with and I haven't seen better. I can only point out that if the genetics theory is right then Wizard must be the recessive (As there are so much more muggles then Wizards. You can fit all the Wizard children in Britain into one highschool) (Sod_off_Balrick)

• What about half-bloods? If the Muggle gene is dominant then why are there half-bloods wizards/witches? For example: Seamus Finnigan and Tom Riddle. I think that each wizarding gene is different based on the person. Sometimes a wizard gene is more dominant, sometimes a Muggle gene is. I also think that wizards/witches obviously have more complex genes then Muggles. I think that the gene also controls how strong the wizarding blood is. For example: if your Dumbledore or Neville or somewhere in-between. (Does this also apply to how strong your eye color is? I'm not sure) I not sure if this isn't based on true genetics, but how often does the wizarding world contradict real-world physics? Very often! (A Lawton)

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