General speculations about Neville

Here's some general Speculations about Neville Longbottom.

• Neville Longbottom is going to be the real hero. Voldemort made a mistake, and Neville is the true one spoken about in the prophecy. Neville's parents were both Aurors, and didn't die, so they are powerful. Neville's skills are gradually getting stronger as he gets older, and we will be seeing much more of him. He is the one that stood up to Harry in book 1, and stuck by his side in book 5. (Maura Giles)

• This is could partly be true but the part about Voldemort being wrong can't possibly be true. The prophecy talked of the one marked his equal. Harry is the one with the mark, not Neville, therefor it could not possibly be Neville that is the "true one".
(Ryan Cekander)

• We don't know for certain wether or not Neville has been marked
(webmaster HPF)

• The prophecy talked of the one marked his equal. True we don't know if Neville was marked. It says one who is marked his equal, equal in meanning as blood. Harry could have been marked because he is Voldemort's equal. They are both half bloods.

• Neville can't be the one the Prophecy speaks of. THE PERSON THE PROPHECY SPEAKS OF WAS THE PERSON VOLDEMORT CHOSE TO TRY AND KILL. He did not try to kill Neville, he tried to kill Harry so HARRY IS THE ONE IN THE PROPHECY! It can't be Neville. True, Neville may become a powerful wizard but HE IS NOT THE ONE IN THE PROPHECY because Voldemort chose Harry. Why would he try to kill Neville as a baby then spend the rest of his time trying to kill someone else! He didn't try out both of them, because Dumbledore would know and he would've told Harry.

• We don't know for certain wether or not Voldemort has ever tried to kill Neville • Maybe he killed another child before he tried to kill Harry but by some reason or another it was not Neville he thought he had killed and nobody knows about this.
(webmaster HPF)

• I don't believe Neville is the one since the scar is not the only mark that Voldemort left Harry, first of all Harry speaks Parsel tongue, Harry's wand is sister to Voldemort's wand, Harry can resist the imperius curse, through the Scar Harry "feels" Voldemort's state of mind (anger, fear, excitement etc.), also Harry looks like Tom Riddle, they are both half bloods, and many other things. Harry is the one, because he has all this baggage that nobody else has, he is the only possibility for being the "one". Besides why would someone call a whole series "Harry Potter" so it turns out that he is not the real hero?????

What I do believe is that Neville will play an important part in future books, and also I believe there is a reason for him being like he is. Maybe he was present when his parents were being tortured and they had to apply to him special curses for him to forget all those hurtfull images. But as he grows old he will find courage (isn't he a Gryffindorf!) and he will play a very special part in the books. (Andrea Wright)

• I believe neville is the one the prophecy speaks about. I think that Dumbledore decided to put Harry in the spotlight for Voldemort to bite at, so that Neville will be safe. And in time, Neville will turn out to destroy Voldemort.

• i think the speculation about Neville Longbottom completely missed the part
about the prophecy that siad the true person to match voldemorts powers
would be the one he gave the scar to. i thought something about Neville
being the real person the prophecy was about at first, but then it mentioned
the thing about the scar. i think Neville is going to start playing a bigger
role in the story, and Neville could be the person of the prophecy if
harry's scar was really not the mark and something Neville is hidding really

• In the 5th book Neville breaks his fathers wand, which he has been using since beginning Hogwarts. So now he'll have to get a new one. I think we'll see a great improvement in Neville's performance at school because of this. After all, you never get as good results with another wizard's wand. (Thomas Larkin)

• Neville is going to end up becoming defense against the dark arts teacher at the end of book seven. and they will finally have a teacher that stays. His DAtDA has been improving rapidly, and we know one student (not Harry, Ron, or Hermione) will become a professor. (Bill)

• Neville could be the one destined to destroy Voldemort. What happened to his parents has marked him for life. In the ancient Greek tragedies prophecies often come true because they are interpreted wrong, and J.K. certainly likes to lead us in the wrong direction. Any interesting clue is when Harry tries to us the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix Lestrange, she shakes it off and tells him he doesn't want to cause pain badly enough. From what I have seen of Neville in this book he would have had the necessary hate for one of those that crippled his parents to make the spell work at full strength.(DJ)

• I believe that a change will come over neville now. i agree that neville will get better results with his own wand, the revelation that he was using his fathers wand explains all about his terrible performance to date. also he has now faced the woman who destroyed his family. he now has added motivation to succeed in his DA training. i believe he will
surprise everyone. (Peter Lee)

• Neville Longbottom has always been bottom of the class in everything, yet in book 5 we discover that Neville has using his fathers wand when he has his nose broken and wand snapped in the department of mysteries and tells Harry 'My gran's goin do kill be - dat was by dad's old wand.' If the wand chooses the wizard (as it says in book 1) then was Nevilles performance going to be affected by the old wand thats not for him. If he returns with his own new wand in book 6 will he be a better wizard for it? Rons spellwork definitely seemed better after he got his own wand in earlier books. (jare88)

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