The Order of the Phoenix

What is the Order of the Phoenix?

I think that the Order of the Phoenix (OTP) is an anti-Voldemort group. My theory, brought to life in my Fan Fiction, is that Harry will be a member. In my fiction, Ron and Hermione join too, but I think that for the real thing, it will only be Harry. His parents were probably in it, if it's an anti-Voldemort thing. If any other students join, I think that it will be Ron, because maybe his parents and older brothers are in it, too.

I think Mundungus Fletcher, Sirius, Lupin, and Mrs. Figg (maybe she'll be known by Arabella or Madam Figg in this book instead) are members, probably Snape and McGonagall, too. And don't forget Dumbledore, of course!

Did anyone else notice that Mrs. Figg, Remus Lupin, and Mundungus Fletcher have been mentioned numerous times in the fourth book?

-Mrs. Figg was mentioned when Harry didn't know how to set up the tent.
-The tent was "decorated like Mrs. Figg's house".
-Lupin was mentioned as being Harry's favorite Defence against the Dark Arts teacher.
-Lupin was also mentioned when Moody cheered Neville up - "it was just the sort of thing Professor Lupin would have done".
-Fletcher was mentioned after the World Cup - "Mundungus Fletcher's put in an order for a twelve-bedroom tent with an en-suite Jacuzzi".
-Fletcher was mentioned in the second book when Mr. Weasley comes home - "Old Mundungus Fletcher tried to but a hex on me when my back was turned."

Why would Fletcher, if he's an important member of OTP, try to put a hex on a Ministry wizard? People act as though this is a horrible thing, the unthinkable wrongdoings of Mundungus Fletcher - maybe he was just horsing around. It's a thought. (Caroline )

I think the order of phoenix is an award, like the order of Merlin. I also think that Harry, and possibly Ron and Hermione, will receive this award for another 'defeat' of voldermort.(Jacqueline )

When Hogwarts was built could a prophecy have been made about the end of the
slytherin line, that a muggle born witch and old wizard family would finally defeat the Heir.
Could Voldemort have thought that the witch was Lily and the old wizard family was James, perhaps the two of the prophecy are hermione and Ron?
This could also explain the hatred through the slytherin house of muggle borns and the reason why Voldemort has concentrated on potions and old spells to keep himself alive.
The order of the Phoenix are witches and wizards who are there to protect the prophecy line..(Lynne)

• What if Order of the Phoenix has a much simplier meaning. What if it just what the words say a syn. for order is adjust or rule and Phoenix died and are reborn from the ashes (this a symbol of immortality) Order of the Phoenix could simply mean excepting the rules of life and death. I mean who would have guest that what the Goblet of Fire was about just from hearing the title.
(Sarah Brant )

• I agree with several other theories that since Fawkes gave one feather to Harry's wand and one to Voldemort's, maybe it gave one to the heir of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. This could be related to the order of the phoenix in that not only that this a group of wizards but direct descendents of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin (maybe not Slytherin), and Gryfindor. All of the people who were summoned to Hogwarts and helped Dumbledore at the end of book 4 seemed to all have a relationship to the school in some way (we don't know about Figgs yet). Who's to say their is only one heir to Gryfindor and that's Harry? That would mean generation after generation in the Godric line only one child was born in every family. Seeing as Godric created the school hundreds of years ago the only-child-scenario would be very unrealistic. That would explain how more than one former Gryfindor student was helping Dumbledore (Sirius, Lupin, Hagrid, etc.).

• In GoF, when Krum and Harry are talking and Mr. Crouch appears, Harry runs off to get Dumbledore. When he returns with Dumbledore and they find Krum, Dumbledore 'raised his wand into the air and pointed it in the direction of Hagrid's cabin'. Harry saw 'something silvery dart out of it and streak away through the trees like a ghostly bird'. A short time later, Hagrid appears. I believe that the ghostly bird might have been a phoenix and that both Dumbledore and Hagrid are members of the Order of the Phoenix. When one member needs help, he summons another by a 'ghostly' phoenix.

• The name Order of the Phoenix must come from the phoenix feathers in Harry and voldemorts wand? "the phoenix that gave the feather in Harry wand only gave one other(to voldemort)". Seeing as Dumbledore owns the phoenix in question, there must surely be a link of some sort between Harry, Voldemort and Dumbledore?? Are they related? so far we have no information to prove they are not (correct me if I am wrong?) Could Dumbeldore be Harry's grandfather? possibility? if he is how would Voldemort fit into that link? We know that Voldemort and Harry aren't related. and I have assumed that voldemort and Dumbledore aren't related seeing as they have a pupil/teacher relationship in CoS.

We know that Voldemort killed James and Lily to get to Harry, but why does Voldemort want to kill Harry? I believe this is all part of the same link. we know that Voldemort is the Heir of Slytherin could Harry be the Heir of gryffindor (voldemort got slytherins snake and Harry got Gryffindors sword). If that is the case are they part of history repeating itself? the continue battle of good versus evil??

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