General speculations about Pettigrew

Here's some general Speculations about Peter Pettigrew.

• I was re-reading pa, and remarked that Black said at a certain moment that Peter Pettigrew was giving information to Voldemort ""a year before Lilly and James died. Supposing that "year" was a guess by deducting on rumours he heared in Azkaban, that year could be a little longer period. Couldn't it be that Peter was the one who heared the prophecy Trelawney gave to Dumbledore in the Hog's head? As a rat, he could possibly enter into an inn more easily than as a human. And if he wasn't transformed, he was known as a member of the Order. ( Moony)

• Although book 6 shows Snape as the one having overheard, Pettigrew could still have been the one to have passed it on.

• Although Peter might have passed the info about the prophecy, it seems unlikely because he would have heard the whole thing and would tell Voldemort that the attack would mark the child as his equal.

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