General speculations about James / Lilly

Here's some general Speculations about James and or Lilly Potter

• Harry owns a wealth, I suspect being made by the Philospher´s Stone. It can change every metal to gold and it´s very possible, that Voldemort was after this stone before and suspected it at the Potters. Harry´s parents were right in the inner circle of Dumbledore, his father a brilliant sorcerer. (Timo)

• Not from my side, but I heard somewhere that Lily Potter and the Weasleys might have a family connection because both have/had red hair. Maybe the squib-relative Ron mentioned on their first trip to Hogwarts is a grandmother of Harry?

• Lily was a Death Eater
This is the most common one I've seen…and it's very interesting, and would be an excellent twist to the story. Imagine…Harry Potter, possible heir to Gryffindor, bravest kid in Hogwarts, born to a former Death Eater. But one tiny problem - wasn't she supposed to be a Gryffindor, Head Girl, and very close to Dumbledore? Continuity error, too - Voldemort said she needn't have died, which brings me to my next theory.

• Lily was a Spy
There we go…this is one that I agree with. If she was a spy, then Voldemort probably thought she was working for him when she wasn't, but he had to kill her to get to Harry. After all, he shows "just as little mercy to his followers as to his enemies".

• Lily and Voldemort were in Love
Ugh…I highly doubt it…that's really far-fetched, very unlikely, and too Star Wars, thank you very much.

• T.Riddle was married to James’ mom(whose maiden name was Potter). Mother died of child birth. T.Riddle left. James was left at DD’s doorstep hoping that DD would take James to a safe and kind household. Voldy being "angry" hardened over the years. Only caring about immortality and to receive it he had to kill all living family members. Only James and Harry. Not Lilly.


- Resemblance: In the second book references is made that Harry looks like T. Riddle & Harry looks like James. Thus, James must look like T. Riddle

- Dobby: In second book Harry asks Dobby if Voldy has a brother. Dobby says no with widened eyes. Hinting that maybe Voldy has a SON (JAMES) OR a GRANDSON(HARRY!!!!)! ("DQ")

• My theory is that although Lily and Petunia are sisters, I think that they have a third sister in Draco Malfoys mum (Narcissa) as they are all named after flowers.
("Mad H.P. Fan")

• I always found it very strange that she was the only one in her family, who is a witch. Maybe she isn't really Petunias sister, but was adopted when she was just a little child; it would also explain, why Petunia is so jealous; it would be a natural reaction that she was that jealous, for Lily was their parents favourite, eventhough she wasn't their own child as Petunia was!

• I think that there is a possibility that Lily could be Voldemorte's
daughter. This would mean that Tom Riddle got married after he left
Hogwart's but before he left for good to Albania (or wherever he went to
transform into Voldemorte). I know its might sound strange to think of
Voldemorte being married but lots of really evil people in the world are
married. Anyway the question is whether Petunia is his daughter too? It
is possible for him to have a muggle child since he was half muggle,
himself. Maybe he got married, had 2 children, one muggle, one witch, then
his wife dies and that was the final straw for Tom, he abandoned his kids
and left the country. Petunia and Lily were adopted by Muggles. Maybe
Petunia knew that her father (Tom Riddle) was a wizard, and since he had
abandoned them, she not only hates him, but thinks all wizards are bad
(Plus, she could have inherited some of his evilness). But it is also
Petunia's relationship to Voldemorte that Dumbledore is able to use to
protect Harry while he is staying there with them.

Even though Dumbledore says Tom Riddle is the last Heir of Slytherin, it
doesn't mean he didn't have any children. His descendants were Gryffindor's
and therefore wouldn't qualify as Heirs. You have to be in Slytherin to be
an heir of Slytherin.

Two more points: 1) Tom Riddle is the right age to be Lily's father. He
was born in 1926 ( I think). He could have had Lily when he was about
27-28. Lily could have had Harry when she was about 27-28, as well and that
would put Harry's birth year at 1980. 2), Tom didn't want to kill Lily at
first, because she was his daughter whom he must have spent some time with.
I know this would make Harry his grandson, and he didn't hesitate at all to
kill Harry, but he probably needed to kill Harry.

Is it the fact that Harry is related to Voldemorte that makes Voldemorte
fear him? I think there has to be more to Harry than that, otherwise,
Voldemorte would have feared Lily as well and he wouldn't have told her he
could spare her life. Is it the combination of being related to both Tom
Riddle and James Potter that makes Harry special?

In the books, it says that we know why Harry didn't die when Voldemort
tried to kill him (because of his mother's sacrifice) but we don't know why
Voldemorte's curse backfired. It's like Harry acted as a mirror, or
something. Maybe Harry has Voldemorte's eyes and that reflected the curse.
Even though Lily has the same eyes, she wasn't protected with the old magic
she used to protect Harry, so she died before she could reflect the curse.
I think there is more to it than that, but the eyes probably have something
to do with it.
(John & Sharon Bauckman)

• Since Lily's parents were happy that she received her letter from Hogwarts and someone has already suggested that some witches and wizards could be in hiding appearing as Muggles, couldn't Aunt Petunia possibly be the adopted child of Lily's parents and that Lily is actually a pureblood? This might also explain Aunt Petunia's extreme dislike for Harry, Lily and James. She always felt like an outcast herself or never showed any wizarding skills and was jealous. Also, we do not know the maiden name of Lily and Petunia. There was a suggestion that Lily might have been related to Voldemort, because he really did not want to kill her. If she was a Muggle it wouldn't have bothered him, because he disliked "mudbloods.".(Edie)

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