General speculations about James / Lilly

Here's some general Speculations about James and or Lilly Potter

• I think Lily Potter was a distant relative of the Weasleys but never knew it. I mean how can someone magical come from a completely muggle family. They can’t. There has to be some magical blood in her family somewhere, so I think that someone in her blood line before her was magical and that they are also in the Weasleys blood line. This could also be why Harry and Ron are such good friends I mean Harry did meet Malfoy first but chose to be friends with Ron instead so it could be some kind of fate that they are related or something and they’re supposed to figure it out. As you can tell I don’t have that much proof, but this is my theory thus far. (Lyndsay)

• I think the entire Evans' family is magical. I believe that Petunia is a squib. This accounts for her knowledge of the magical world and her jealousy of Lily and resentment of her parents and all magical people (wizards and witches).

  1. Knowing that she had no powers allowed her to "move" into the muggle world and pass herself off as "normal," (and like several other characters in the books their one parent didn't know their other parent was a witch/wizard so we can assume that Vernon doesn't know about Petunia)
  2. Also not knowing who is older (I also assume it is Petunia) when Lily was born later with magical powers of course her parents would be happy to have a witch in the family.
  3. Being a squib, she would not be recognized by the ministry of magic, etc., (just as it is with Mrs. Figg) so her secret is safe from detection .
  4. Harry himself is referred to as a halfblood (even though both his parents were magical) which leads me to believe no matter how far back your magical family goes -- if ever there was muggle blood involved you are forever considered a halfblood (and Snape is always nasty so his referring to Lily as mudblood could just have been his nastiness)
  5. I also believe Dumbledore knows that Petunia is a squib which is why he sent Harry to live there in the first place and maybe "threatened" to tell Vernon his wife was a witch/squib if she didnt agree to take Harry in.
  6. I like to believe the grandparents are still alive and Petunia has severed ties with them because of her resentment of the magical world - this would help explain why we don't know anything about them.
  7. Petunia could then be this person who will discover she has magical powers (which she probably has been noticing more increasingly lately)

    also questioning where dobby went in book two chapter the rogue bludger -- he was talking to Harry who was in the hospital re-growing bones, when dobby heard someone coming ....."CRACK" he was gone -- but you cant apparate or disapparate into or out of anywhere in hogwarts (hogwarts a history ....also last chapter book three when sirius "disappears" while awaiting the dementors and the kiss -- snape repeats the same fact. (XXX

• I think that James is a descendant from Gryffandor and that Lilly was a descendant from Slytherin. Having ties to both would make Harry a very powerful wizard. Through all
the books they mention Harry having his mothers green eyes. Which makes me think of slytherin. Also his power to talk to snakes. And Lilly clearly didn't like James at first
as you see when Harry goes into Snapes memories. I don't believe that Lilly was born from a muggle family for the reason that her parents were very excited that she had
magical powers and the fact that Petunia hates magic so much. Makes me think that Petunia is a squib. Also from the fact that Petunia knew so much of the dementors as
was shown in book 4.

• And in the fifth book when the Dursleys and Harry are taking about dementors Petunia says "I heard - that awful boy - telling her about them - years ago". Then Harry says "If you mean my mum and dad, why don't you use their names?" She ignored him, and it also says she seems horribly flustered. (This is from page 52 of The Order of the Phoenix). What if the boy wasn't James, but Snape?
This brings me to my second idea - Was Lily a death eater? I think she may have been because if "her" refers to Lily and "that awful boy" was Snape he could have been warning her about what could happen to her if she joined the Death Eaters.

• This is something that I've noticed just recently. In CoS, when Harry is in Tom Riddle's memory, Dumbledore is described as having auburn hair. And in SS when Harry sees his mother in the Mirror of Erised, she too has red hair. We all know that red hair is the significant trait among the Weasley family. Is this just a coincidence? Something else I noticed, Harry is continually reminded of how much he looks like his father, but Harry noticed the physical similarities between himself and a young Tom Riddle. Just how interconnected is the pure-blood wizzard community?
(Erin J Frye)

• When Harry is in Snape's pensieve, it mentions somewhere that Lily has red hair. So while I was thinking about that ,I thought of the Weasleys, because they have red hair. However the Weasleys are pure-blood, and Lily was a muggle-born, right? In SS Ron says how his whole family is pure-blood. He also says that his mother has a second cousin who is an accountant. What if that cousin is somhow related to Lily? That would explain her red hair.

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