The Prophecy

Here's some speculations about the Prophecy made by Trelawny

• Through the whole book Voldemort wants to get ahold of the prophecy but then figures out that nobody but himself or Harry can touch it without going insane. So thats why he lures Harry to the Ministry to get the prophecy, and the Death Eaters then appear to take it away from him. But if nobody else but Harry and Voldemort can touch it, then why would the Death Eaters want Harry to give it to them? They'd just go mad.... Seems a more consistent plotline would have been for them to attempt to capture Harry with the orb, take him to Voldemort's presence, and smash the orb so Voldemort could hear the prophecy. I agree with your comments about the prophecy being pretty weak; it also occurs to me that for now Harry seems pretty untouchable by Voldemort -- as long as he calls his mother's sister's house "home", he is protected by her love and her dying act. So does this mean Voldemort himself can't touch Harry until he moves out of the Dursley's? Doesn't leave much action for the 6th and 7th years....(Sondra )

• it is not nobody but Voldemort or Harry can TAKE DOWN the prophecy from the shelf, not pick it up. Once the prophecy has been taken down, anyone can touch it. And Voldemort can't TOUCH Harry, it doesn't mean he cant jinx him. And he could possess him, at least until Harry felt love. And the death eaters can touch him if he's out cold, unable to resist them with good thoughts.
And to Jake, of course they both will die eventually anyway, everyone dies eventually, but the prophecy says one will kill the other, it's the way it has to be, they wont die of anything except murder from the other. It wont happen.
(Hannah )

•Harry is only protected by the spell on the Dursley's house when he's IN the house! Voldemort himself said in book four that Harry was protected at the house and at Hogwarts by Dumbledore, he knew he would be unprotected at the World Cup.

And to Jake, I think that the wording of the prophechy, "neither can live while the other survives" is written intentionally vague. I think that it may have a different meaning than we all think. I doubt Dumbledore could have it completely wrong, but maybe there is a twist that we aren't expecting.

to Jake B.: Where does it say that the prophecy can't be fulfilled because Harry's And Voldemort's wand are brothers. Voldemort would have killed Harry at the Ministry of Magic if Dumbeldore hadn't sent a statue to block the AK curse. The two wands only have problems when they are forced to do battle like in book 4, when each casts a spell at the same time.

Paige: I think that how the ministry labels the prophecies determines if the person goes mad or not when they touch it. For example, Harry's proph. has his name on it. It used to have Neville's name, and I think that Neville could have touched it then without going mad. (Tami Klucas)

• In the prophecywere it says"neither can live while the other survives".
Doesn't that mean that eventually if neither kills the other they both die? (Jake )

• it says the prophecy can't be fulfilled because Harry and voldemort have brother wands. Don't you think they might get the bright idea to use someone elses wand? (Jake Berrinson)

• I think that although J.K. Rowling hints that Neville may be the one in the prophesy, all doubts that it may not be Harry are dashed while they are in the Ministry of Magic. According to Rookwood, and as he tells Voldemort, only those to whom the prophesy refers can remove it from the shelf. Harry picks it up- and as far as I can tell he did not go insane like Bode. By picking up the prophesy Harry proved that he was indeed the one to whom it referred. (Paige)

•If you have been to there are quite a number of theories of neither can live while the other survives. I came across one from the author "max-wiseacre" whom I borrowed this expert of his story from. I think one might find it rather contridicting to the theories above of neither can live while the other survives ;

"You're getting stronger Harry."

"Well, yeah." Harry said as if it was obvious. "I'm older, and I've gotten a lot of practice defending myself recently."

"No, Harry." Dumbledore sighed. "Your age and experience have increased your skill level, not your strength. You are getting stronger because Voldemort is getting stronger."

Harry didn't know what to make of that at all. He looked to Lupin to see if he was confused as well, but his serious expression showed that he knew exactly what Dumbledore was talking about.

"When he gave you the scar," Dumbledore continued, "Voldemort created the means by which you share your mental connection. When he used your blood to create his new body, he bound his life force to yours. He is tied to you, and you to him. As Voldemort's strength increases, so does yours. It has been steadily happening for some time now. Your recently acquired ability to see into Voldemort's mind is another example. Also, just months ago you battled a number of Death Eaters."

"I didn't do it by myself." Harry protested. "I had help from my friends."

"Friends that you trained." Lupin added. "None of them would have been able to cope with that situation had it not been for you."

"But, Peter Pettigrew added his hand to the potion. Isn't he affected by this too?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "Pettigrew's sacrifice was of a different nature since he was a willing participant. His connection to Voldemort was also very different than yours. I don't believe that Tom fully understood the consequences of the magic he used. That is, of course, very fortunate for us."

Harry was confronted with a mixture of emotions. He was somewhat frightened of this new connection with his enemy, but he was also pleased that he was gaining strength. Something didn't quite add up though. "Wait a minute, if we share life force, there's got to be some kind of limit, right?"

"Yes Harry." Dumbledore answered. "As you grow older, you claim more of that shared power for yourself. At some point there will not be enough life force for both of you. One of you will have to go."

"Neither can live while the other survives." Lupin said ominously.

"I never really understood that part of the prophecy." Harry said. "I mean, I've been alive for sixteen years now. Voldemort's still around. If both of us can't live, why isn't one of us dead already?"

Dumbledore seemed to be prepared for this question. "Living is more than just existence, Harry. Living means fulfilling your dreams, enjoying the pleasures of life, being with the people that you love. We are all alive Harry, but not everyone truly lives. As long as Voldemort is alive, you will be hunted. You will never be at peace. Already, Voldemort's presence has cost you so much. In many ways he has taken what should have been the best part of your life, your childhood. Conversely, as long as you draw breath, Voldemort will never be able to attain the level of power he seeks. He always be threatened by your very existence. Neither of you can reach your full potential while the other walks this earth." (Abma)

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