Who will end up with who / romance ?

Here's some speculations about which characters might fall in love with other caracters, who might end up with who.

• Ron and Hermione will end up together or closer than they are now...in a more affectionate way. He is smitten with her...from all the attention he gives thinking of her, fussing after her, etc. (~~Linda)
• Ron and Hermoine in my opinion wont end up together because it is said that harry will end up with someone he has known in the past 4 book. OK lets start: JK has really twisted things in the books, it wont surprise me a bit if she makes Harry secretly fall in love with hermoine while she is dating Ron (if she does date ron). The person Harry will like has been with him in the past four books ..........
It can't be any of his team members because he doesn't have that big of a relationship with them except when their practicing, and for him to fall in love with someone, must mean that he really knows the person well Ginny is a possibility but as i said she wasn't totally in all of the books.
Who better than Hermoine with Harry. They've known each other for a long time and so on. For a person to fall in love one must know if their personalities match Harry is loyal, powerful, courageous etc.
Hermoine is smart, friendly, nice etc. She could really help harry in his many quest like she has done so far and could help him through thick and thin.
But you know what they say opposites do attract

• The more likely romance is Ron and Hermione. In Book 4 they squabbled like teens who really like each other but can’t quite bring themselves to admit it. Plus Ron was insanely jealous when Hermione went to the Yule Ball with Krum and she was equally hurt that Ron didn’t ask her. Harry, for his part, is totally smitten with Cho. (Rob Cox )

Harry: He has a huge crush on Cho Chang of Ravenclaw, which is beyond cute, and I think she likes him back, if only just a little. They're always blushing around each other! I would love to see the two of them wind up together - even if Cho is sickeningly perfect (pretty, popular, smart [Ravenclaw is the "smart" House, in case you didn't know], and a very good Quidditch player). I think the whole "Harry and Hermione" thing won't happen. It's too much of the "hero gets the girl" for my taste. And besides, they're such good friends that I just don't see it happening. JK kind of touched base on that issue in the fourth book. I would be afraid of their friendship getting damaged, and I like Hermione too much to see that happen. And JK has said that Harry will hook up with "someone that has been in all four books, but not Hermione". That's not to say that Hermione won't come into the picture at all…you never know. She and Harry would be a good couple, but I just somehow don't see it happening. Hmm…let's check out the other possibilities!

Hermione: No. We already covered that.
Ginny: I should hope so!
Parvati: Probably not…after all, when Harry asked her to the ball, it was "drastic action", even though he did think she was very pretty, and she stuck up for him in the first book (after that, I thought she was going to be a main character…I'm not that good at guessing things, I suppose!).
Lavender: Yeah, right. I don't know why. But "Harry and Lavender are going out!" sounds like a joke to me.
Hannah Abbot: In Hufflepuff? Are you kidding me with this stuff?
Pansy: That evil Slytherin girl? I hate her! And I know Harry does, too, so what's with that?
Cho: She hasn't been in all four books!

That's basically all I can think of. My favorite possibility is Harry and Ginny…so cute!

Ron: Ron had a monster crush (even though nearly all the boys did) on Fleur Delacour in the fourth book. Now, no offence to Ron, we all love him to death, but that was aiming quite high. Fleur was seventeen, part veela, and a champion in the Triwizard Tournament. He asked her to the ball (which was so funny!), but she "looked at him like he was a sea slug", according to Ron. I think Ron and Hermione are going to hook up. At least, they'd better. This is the couple that I'm dying for, even more than anything to do with Harry, oddly enough! Ron seems to show his feelings in subtle ways (taken from the fourth book):

-Kept asking "and what did you say?" to Hermione about her response to Krum's invitation to visit him over the summer.
-Was "grinding his pestle a good six inches away from the bowl, because he was looking at Hermione" and also was "pounding the pestle so hard that it dented the desk" while waiting for Hermione's answer to "and what did you say?"
-Said "well, there's still the giant squid!" in a really hopeful way when spotting Krum swimming in the lake.
-Really, really, really wanted to know whom Hermione was going to the ball with.
-Had a huge row with Hermione on the night of the ball over how she was "fraternising with the enemy" by going with Krum - but seemed to have no objections to having asked Fleur. It seems it's only bad when it's someone else fraternising.
-Snapped the arm off his toy Krum the day after the ball.

The thing is, people ask me "well, if he likes Hermione, why did he like Fleur?" and I think that he did the old one-two punch on this (I should know about it, I have before…shh…). In other words, he likes Hermione a lot, but is either afraid to show it or wants to make her jealous (Ok, I will say this: trying to get Fleur to like anyone is difficult…he should have settled for someone nearer home). JK has said that there is something going on between Ron and Hermione, but that Ron doesn't see it yet. Yay!

Hermione: Hermione is my favorite character. She's smart, nice, and knows what she's doing. Very take-charge, and she's totally one of the guys (kind of like me). I think she likes Ron, but stupid Ron doesn't see it yet! GRRR! And she's going out with Viktor Krum in the fourth book…perhaps a little one-two punch? Who knows? She seems to like Krum a lot. I really want her and Ron to end up together, though. The clues I've spotted:

-She flipped when Ron said he "didn't want to wind up with a troll" as a partner for the ball - perhaps the fact that he hadn't asked her yet and then said that, she took to personal insult?
-Got mad every time Fleur did something nice towards Ron - smiled, kissed him on the cheek, etc.
-Tried not to look at Ron whenever she talked about Krum.
-Said "I'm sure you'll find someone somewhere who'll have you" about Ron trying to find a partner to the ball - hinting, were we, Hermione?
-(From the third book) Hugged Ron. That was so cute - I mean, she was stressed and Ron was going to help her after they'd fought, so probably any girl would have done that, but still…it was cute.

On the other hand, Harry and Hermione would be a great couple. Even though I said that I don't necessarily want them to hook up because they're friends, they'd make a great couple because they're friends…see what I'm saying?
Ginny: Ginny is just so sweet…it's so cute the way she acts around Harry, so shy! I really want her and Harry to hook up. It seems like a possibility, come to it. I mean, Harry's really nice to her (he pretends not to notice when she does something embarrassing, which is more than I can say for most boys!), he saved her life in the second book, and it's too cute not to happen!

Fred and George: Is it just me, or would it be hysterical if they dated twins? Redheaded twin girls…hmm…it could happen. Fred and Angelina went to the ball together. Maybe they're going to be a match. Has anyone else noted that Fred is featured more than George is? That's weird.

Malfoy: Ugh, I don't want Malfoy to wind up with ANYONE, he's such a little piglet! However, it's inevitable that bad guys get dates, somehow…I'm guessing he'll get Pansy Parkinson, the little brat who's so mean to Hermione. Some people seem to think that he'll be redeemed and become nice and date Hermione! I don't really see that happening. I mean, he's a mean little Slytherin, Hermione's a nice little Gryffindor…see what I'm saying? No amount of redemption can take back what he's said to her.

Hagrid: Hagrid is so cool…I hope he and Madam Maxime (Olympe) get together! What if they got married? And JK kind of hinted, through Ron, that they might: "Bet any baby of theirs would weigh about a ton!" So, maybe in the future, we'll see a half-giant hook-up.

Snape: JK has hinted at Snape getting redeemed and a possible love affair with him and someone, but he's so mean! Can you imagine him doing anything NICE or LOVING? I can't. Well, kind of…I mean, Lucius Malfoy hooked up, didn't he? He's still horrible, but he has a wife and a kid, so…

McGonagall: Well, this would be a laugh…she's so strict and stiff, but maybe we're a bit wrong over her. She's cool when you get down to it. (Caroline )

• I think that there will be a relationship between Fleur and Bill in future books. In chapter 31 of GoF, it says "Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother's shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them. (katherine)

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