General speculations about Sirius

Here's some general Speculations about Sirius Black.

• James was from the Slytherin House here are my supporting details: 1) James and Sirius Black were best freinds. This means that most likely they were in the same house. 2) In the first book Hagrid said that all wisards that went bad were from the Slytherin house. This was before it was known that Black was framed. (Conor Tylor)

• Firstly: I disagree that Hagrid really meant all Slytherins go bad (i.e. Snape. He's not a bad man just very good at looking out for himself.) Second: I have to say that just because you are not in Slytherin does not mean you don't have the potentially for being a bad person. (I don't think that James and Sirius are bad people.) It might just be more cultivated in Slytherin than other house. Do not assume that because James and Sirius were huge assholes in there 5th year that they had to be in Slytherin. I'm quite sure that even a Hufflepuff could turn out bad if things go the right (or wrong) way for them. (Just watch Barty Crouch Jr. be a Hufflepuff it would so fit him. (Cay)

• First a description of the kneazle for those who haven't seen it, and some thoughts about Crookshanks, then some observations surrounding Sirius's death in OOTP, and finally a theory that relates the two.

Kneazle (from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" that JKR wrote for UK Comedy Relief): "The kneazle was originally bred in Britain, though it is now exported worldwide. A small cat-like creature with flecked, speckled, or spotted fur, outsize ears and a tail like a lion's, the Kneazle is intelligent, independent, and occasionally aggressive, though if it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. The Kneazle has an uncanny ability to detect unsavory or suspicious characters and can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost. Kneazles have up to eight kittens in a litter and can interbreed with cats. Licences are required for ownership as Kneazles are sufficiently unusual in appearance to attract Muggle interest."

Well it absolutely makes sense that Crookshanks is probably half kneazle (I won't rewrite the arguments here, as they were covered by someone else on another post on this site). We also know that Crookshanks and Sirius have a very special relationship, Crookshanks being very, very loyal to Sirius.

As for Sirius's death, we know that Sirius is not hit with the Avada Kedavra curse at the end of Book V, when he "dies". JKR specifically mentions a flash of red knocking him into the curtain, and we all know (or should know) that the Avada Kedavra curse is a green flash. Of course, Harry certainly thinks that Sirius is dead, and maybe the members of the OOTP do, too, but there is no proof of that. There is, however, a conspicuous absence of mourning on the part of the members of the OOTP, particularly Lupin, who we know was very close to Sirius. In addition, even if the members of the OOTP do think that he's dead, the curtain is in the department of mysteries, meaning that whatever it is, it is not fully understood. There are still mysteries surrounding it. So the fact of the matter is, we don't know what's behind the curtain, all that we know is that Sirius is "lost" behind there.

Now to my theory. Part of the above description of a kneazle is that it can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost. Even though Hermione would consider herself to be Crookshanks' owner, his loyalty is with Sirius, and so therefore Crookshanks might consider Sirius to be his owner, and it's probably who the kneazle considers to be its owner that matters. Well then, might Crookshanks attempt to lead his "owner" to safety from behind the curtain, wherever that is?

Finally, an argument not really in support of the above theory, but more in support of the notion that Sirius is not really "dead", in the way that Harry's parents are dead. To start with, the plot surrounding Sirius is not resolved. His name hasn't been cleared in the wider wizarding world. Not to mention that JKR spent too much time on his story and his rescue to have him die without any real purpose. JKR is a better story teller than that. It would have been one thing if he'd jumped in front of Avada Kedavra in order to save Harry or something similar, but he didn't. He died dueling his cousin AFTER Dumbledore had already arrived and it was quite clear that Harry and company would be safe. So why devote an entire book to him if he isn't going to have a very important purpose later on? Yes, in POA he revealed that Pettigrew was an animagi who had given Harry's parents over to Lord Voldemort, but after that he has served no real purpose, and yet she ended the POA segment with his unlikely rescue from the "kiss" of the dementors. His status as confidante and father figure/friend of Harry's is not important enough to justify an entire book devoted to him and his ultimate risky escape. Why not just kill him off at the end of POA? So therefore, I believe that we are not done with Sirius, and it's entirely possible that the kneazle side of Crookshanks will come into play.

One argument against this, of course, is JKR's own admission that she cried when she wrote his death. Why would she be so distraught if she knew that he wasn't really dead? That is the only reason that I wonder if Sirius might really be dead, horrible though the thought may be. (Beth Schivitz)

• I don't think he is dead! I heard a lot of people saying that he has to be
dead, because Dumbledore said it and he wouldn't lie to Harry. Nevertheless
there are three (in my opinion) good reasons, why Dumbledore lies to Harry:
1. We (and also Vodemort) know now that Sirius was Harrys weak point!
Eventhough Voldemort already used Sirius once to fool Harry, he might do it
again. So if Harry thinks Sirius is dead, there is no weak point anymore.

2. He might lie to him for Sirius's safety. Voldemort might try to capture
Sirius, to torture him. He would be very usefull (he knows everything about
the Order, he is Harrys weak point,...). If Harry thinks that he is dead,
also Voldemort would believe it and so Sirius isn't in danger anymore.

3. Last but not least, he might lie to him because it gives Harry strength.
Harry couldn't hurt Bellatrix, because he didn't really want to hurt her!
Maybe Dumbledore knew that he wasn't able to cast such a spell and thought
he would be able to use one of the Unforgiveables if he thought Sirius had
died!(But it went wrong) I think Harry will get much stronger in the next 2
books because of Sirius death. He wants revenge for James, Lily and Sirius.
(I think this will give him much strength) (Emily Miller)

• this may be a long shot but if siruis died saving harry ,even though they are not blood related(inless the potters are pureblood)can he have given harry the same kind of protection his mother did? (Jake Berrinson)

• After Sirius falls behind the veil , Lupin stated Sirius is gone and can't come back. There are people called animators, in celtic (and other aspectsof ) history. These people will reanimate a body for it's soul to return to for a short period of time to settle various things , for family members, give information to solve crimes , and so on. The death chamber , may perhaps be a room for witnesses to hear what information a re animated person can give. Also Luna said : Didn't you hear them. They were just hiding. He'll be back.Quite possibly Sirus will come back to clear the charges against him , or play a role in helping harry and the order to defeat Voldermort. (Nicole Huckaby)

• Have you noticed that Bellatrix Lestrange hit Sirius with a spell that emitted red light not green? Well then maybe it was just a stunner. Maybe Sirius is not dead but hes unconsious
or something. Remember that Nick said that the Ministry were studing the mystery of death in the department of mysteries. Maybe its that room. What do you think is there a
possibility that sirius is alive? (Hermione)

• i totally beleive that he is alive their is no way that he's done in this story, the author could have killed him many time and he has not yet accomplished something extremely important in this book but she may have just run out of ideas for sirius, but if this is true and that he did die then doesnt that mean that ron and hermione will be able to see threstrals next, so we just have to wait if they don't see them then that means the sirius is alive. their is no way that he could die because he is my favorite character. (-anonymous-)

• I can be quite sure Sirus is not really dead after Book 5 - remember the mirror which he gave Harry, the one that he and James used to use to communicate with one another in their school days? What is the significance of that mirror if it is just introuduced in the beginning, forgotten about totally in the middle, then reappeared suddenly for a brief moment in the end for Harry to smash to pieces? I don't think Rowling will create such an object for decorative purpose. If Sirus is really dead then this mirror will be totally removed from the story from now onwards, but I don't think so. Hence my guess is Sirus will still be alive after Book 5 to continue to reveal the mystery of this mirror (probably Harry have used a Reparo to repair the smashed mirror). (TPL)

• Hi, I have another clue to Sirius not being dead.
In chapter 17 of OOTP, Ron says this to Hermione: "Are you serious? Ah, Hermione, you're a life-saver..." I take that quite literally. Hermione could come up with a way to save Sirius! I love Sirius and would hate to have him gone for good, so I take in every little clue like this for his sake :)
This other theory could be a little farfetched, but here it is anyway. "Harry stuck his head out of the door and looked around cautiously. The baby-headed Death Eater was screaming and banging into desks, bawling and confused, while the glass cabinet that Harry now suspected had contained Time-Turners continued to fall, shatter, and repair itself on the wall behind them." (Page 794, American edition)

Harry thinks the cabinet contains TIME TURNERS. Harry knows where the Time Turners are kept. This isn't a coincidence! He could get into the Ministry and take a Time Turner, go back in Time, and save Sirius (obviously with the help of the expert, Hermione). The only Time Turners we know about are the ones that go back hourly, but when/if Harry gets around to trying to save Sirius with one, he would have to go back days, months, or even a year or two. So if there's hourly Time Turners, why wouldn't there be daily or monthly ones? Hermione only needed the hourly one, but that doesn't mean there aren't others.

And as someone else mentioned, JKR wouldn't have Sirius give Harry that mirror, have him die, have Harry break the mirror, end of story. If that's all there is about the mirror, there wasn't even a point in putting it in the story. The mirror is probably going to be important later. (Megzz)

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