Why does Snape seem to hate Harry so much ?

Snape has some yet unexplained hatred for Harry, why is this?

• Snape could be said to hate Harry because he had once been in love with Lilly. When James ended up marying Lilly and were killed later by Voldemort, his hatred ended up being projected on Harry, who looks so much like his father.. the person who took away his love.

Maybe he "knew" that Lilly was a Slytherin heir (see other speculation) and she could also speak Parseltounge. And that could be why at the duel he had whispered to Malfoy to conjure up the snake. (COS) And if he "knew" she was an heir of Slytherin he probably thought it below her to be with James. We know he was a Deatheater, and that he turned spy. It was could be said that when he found out that Voldemort was seeking Lilly and James to kill them. And wanting to save the woman he loved he switched sides. And afterwards there is Harry who looks a lot like his father and the only person who reminds him of Lilly. (Erich)
• If Lily was muggle born and Snape is the head of Slytherin, I don't think there'd be much attraction since she isn't "pure-blood" I know Snape has never specifically said anything about "mudbloods" but he's the head of Slytherin House and that strikes me as being a given. (Jen)

• Snape may not like muggle borns now, but he may have changed. When he was a student at Hogwarts, perhaps he was shy, or a nerd - not part of the James Potter *in* crowd - but he was essentially a good person. He may have had a crush on Lily, or even had a relationship with her until James stepped in. When that happened, maybe he wanted to get back at her by becoming a *darker* person and got in over his head with Voldemort. He has never said anything critical of Lily. Snape may hate Harry, not only because Harry looks like his father (except for those eyes that must haunt Snape), but also because he blames Harry for Lily's death.(Willow Laffengraff)

•1. Snape thinks James had part in trying to kill him and didn't save him, just chickened out.
2. Snape is in Slytherin, Harry-Gryfindor. Natural enemies.
3. Just like Ron, Snape feels that Harry gets everything and is treated better than everyone for little reason. (well he is....)
4. Said by Dumbledore that James and Snape were in the same relationship that Harry and Draco are. A hate that is strong lasts a long time.(even between two generations) (Landra)

• Snape apparently hates Harry for the reason given in Book 1 – he hates being indebted to the Potters as James once saved his life.

However, as the books progress it seems that this may also be a ruse. Snape is master of Slytherin and may seem hard on Harry but if he (as may be proven true in Book 5) is about to become Dumbledore’s eyes and ears among the death-eaters; what better way to gain information than by heading the house that contains death-eater children?

Appearing to despise Harry may be part of his cover. (Rob Cox )

I have had a chance to read in some article i believe it is a part in the coming books, (six/seventh) that he only acts like he hates him because he doesn't want Harry to think about his dead parents. Snape father had died when he was six and his mother was killed was Lord Voldemort when Snape was sixteen, the girl he loved most ( Samantha H. ) killed herself because her parents was killed by lord Voldemort, so thats why he became a deatheater, he wanted to get a chance to kill Lord Voldemort himself. He never lefted Hogwarts so he can be with his love. I don't know if he liked Lilly Potter maybe as a friend, but he did not love her because he had already love another girl. ( Samantha)
Scenario: Snape fell in love with Samantha a girl in Ravenclaw and when she killed herself because Lord Voldemort killed her parents Snape became very angry and hated everything. He vowed to stay with her forever and so he did, he never left Hogwarts. It was said while he was at Hogwarts Snape was very good at Potions and DADA. when the love of his life died he wanted to take the position to do more studies, so he could go after Lord Voldemort, in which he jioned the death eaters, but left with no sucess and thats why Dumbledore trusted Snape and gave hims a second chance. He knew Snape only joined to get revenage for Samantha, her parents and he mother, who were killed by lord Voldemort or was because of him they died like in Samantha case.

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