General speculations about Snape

Here's some general Speculations about Severus Snape.

• Did Snape ever play Quidditch? The he-loved-Lily motive for hating Harry has occurred to me too but it seems to cut and dried. Rowling has proven she's not conventional at all and I would be surprised if that were the reason for Snape's antagonism. Maybe a bad Quidditch fall explains his resentment? (Jen)

• We might find out James or Lily were Aurors, since their profession is supposed to play a huge role in the books. One of them could have killed a friend (or wife?) of Snape's, or perhaps threatened Snape himself, unaware that he was a spy... They could have ruined a plan of his or endangered him in some way because they were convinced he was a 'real' Death Eater.

• Why haven't we seen any interaction between Lucius Malfoy and Serevus Snape? Why does Draco like Snape so much if he betrayed his family?

• Why haven't we seen any interaction between Lucius Malfoy and Serevus Snape? Why does Draco like Snape so much if he betrayed his family?

• Snape had been getting information from Voldemort before his downfall and giving it to Dumbledore. Maybe Voldemort never caught him so this whole time the Malfoy family thought he was still on their side. Even after it had been anounced that he was not on Voldemort's side in public the Malfoy family may have suspected that it was really just a cover up so he wouldn't go to prison. Now that Voldemort knows for sure that Snape is not a death-eater anymore I think Draco may begin to dislike Snape in his 5th year.

• In the upcoming books Voldemort is going to go after Snape. In Chapter 'The Death Eaters' (Book 4) Voldemort tells the death eaters that "one has left me for ever ... he shall pay" That's is very likely Snape
(Richard Bates)

• In the fourth book Dumbledore says Snape left Voldemort before Voldemort fell. When Voldemort says to Harry in the same book that while he was only a spirit, alot of death eaters died, one ran away(Karkaroff), and one will likely never return.The last couldn't be Snape as most people think because, from what I understood, Voldemort was talking about the ones who left during his down fall and as I've already said, Snape left before so there must be another one. Most likely one we already know.

• II think in one of Harry's school years at Hogwarts Snape is going to go to try and get a job at the 'dark arts' school of Durmstrang but I think he will be rejected. He has been trying many years to get the defense against dark arts job at Hogwarts which every one knows, he wants to change into a learn the Darks class rather than teaching to fight the dark arts.
• Dumbledore trusts Snape, enough to send him off to battle against voldemort in the end of book 4, enough to keep him at hogwarts as a teacher for so long, enough to forgive him for whatever autrocity that he committed, and even enough to forgive him for being a death eater. However, dumbledore doesn't trust Snape enough to allow him to be a defense against dark arts teacher, presumably because of his former connection with the dark arts when he was a spy with the death eaters. He doesn't trust him enough to go through the hassle of continually hiring new defense against dark arts teachers. It is also probably because he is a "good" potions professor, or at the very least seems to know a lot about potions. We have seen dumbledore make a number of blunders when it came to choosing professors. Professor Quirrel, although presumably he was a decent person before he got overtaken by voldemort, Professor Lockhart, who was just plain dumb and perhaps a little evil too, Professor Lupin, though he was a great professor, he did compromise the safety of his students, though his intentions were honorable, and of course professor moody, but who could have guessed that someone had used polyjuice potion to become him. None of those professors lasted longer than a year, yet Snape has been there for what appears to be a long time, which I think says a great deal. If Snape was truly a voldemort sympathizer, one would presume that dumbledore would have figured that out by now. Of course, one can never presume anything in these books! Regardless, i think it would be too obvious to have Snape as a voldemort sympathizer. That is also proven by how he went out of his way to save harry, he didn't have to, but he did. Unless he did that because he knew that voldemort had to kill harry himself in order for him to become immortal. The key to Snape, i believe, is his relationship with draco. Snape isn't stupid, he has to know that draco's father was a death eater and is still very supportive of voldemort, which would make one think that Snape should dislake draco because of that relation. But that's draco's father, NOT draco. Draco, despite his many faults, is still an innocent bystander. I think Snape sympathizes with him, that he once too was a son to a death eater, surrounded by friends who all became death eaters, and never the great athelete that james potter was, in the same way that draco is. Another interesting clue is how draco's only friends, crabb and goyle, turn out to be death eaters. Of course, those could be crabb and goyle's parents, since harry really couldn't see them, and since parents tend to give their children their names in the wizarding world, especially when they are death eaters. When Harry tells about his experience at the graveyard, he names "Avery - Nott - Crabbe - Goyle", and fudge replies "you are merely repeating the names of those who were acquitted of being death eaters thirteen years ago!" It is possible that fudge wasn't really listening, and when he heard a few names that he recognized he assumed that all of them were people that were accussed of being death eaters years ago, or that crabbe and goyle's fathers were accused years ago.

Snape could also like draco just to get back at harry, and in turn get back at james potter after he did what he did years ago. But if he likes him because he can relate to him, he can overlook the fact that his father is a death-eater, even if Snape's own father wasn't a death-eater, because he knows what it's like be associated with them and not actually belong to them. He may be completely oblivious to how evil draco really is, since he acted evil that way once himself even though he may not have truly "meant" it. (Nikcole Frame)

The death-eaters Crabbe and Goyle cannot be Draco Malfoy's friend at
Hogwarts: first you can't disapparate for Hogwart's ground, second Crabe and Goyle
are in the fourth year, so they didn't learn how to disapparate yet. And last
Malfoy always uses surnames to talk to other people (Potter, Ganger and so
on). So the Death-eaters 'Crabbe' and 'Goyle' have to be their parents!

I have read some speculations that Snape could be a vampire and I've come to believe it myself but have some interesting points to add. Bats are blind but have excellent "sonar" hearing, so Snape must have excellent hearing as well. This was foreshadowed in the first movie where he can hear Harry breathing under his invisibility cloak, but Prof. Quirrel cannot. Also, I think it is mentioned in books 3 or 4 that Harry notices that Snape seems to be around when Harry is being sneaky, like he has an extra sense.

In the end of book 4, when Dumbledore sends Snape to spy on Voldemorte, it must be as a bat. Voldemorte knows Snape betrayed him and would never trust him again. (He would probably kill him if he saw him). So Snape must turn into a bat and "listen in" on conversations with his special hearing ability. This is still very risky for him. I keep thinking that maybe Voldemorte's pet snake, Nagini will find Snape while he is a bat, or

I've always found it hard to believe that Sirius would deliberately risk Snape's life by tricking him to go down the tunnel under the Weeping Willow to meet up with Lupin as a werewolf. I think Sirius knew Snape was a vampire and could turn into a bat and therefore not in any real trouble at all. (Werewolves only attack humans). That's why Snape says that James Potter didn't really save his life. James just thought he did because he didn't know Snape was a vampire. This still leaves the question as to why
Sirius would pull that prank. What did Snape do to him?

I think Snape is jealous of Harry because Harry gets all the credit for saving peoples lives while Snape gets none. Snape has probably saved people's lives and as Dumbledore said risk his own life, but gets no credit for it, while Harry is a celebrity. Snape can't take any credit since it would give away what he really is and that must eat him up inside. However, Snape still is good since he, himself, saved Harry's life in the Quidditch match in the first book, and is now risking his life again as a spy. (John & Sharon Bauckman)

• Interesting point, but I don't think Snape is a vampire.
* Vampires only drink blood. So how come that Snape is not only present at mealtimes but is eating too? JKR never explicitly states that hs is eating, but somebody is bound to find out if he is not.
* Vampires are only awake at night. Yet Potions is during day. Admittedly, he does not sleep much, but he owns a nightdress and a bed (GoF).
* Vampires crumble to dust in sunlight. But Snape is outside during at least three Quidditch matches.
* Vampires do not age. Somebody (I'm thinking of Sirius Black here) must have realized that Snape stopped getting older at some time.!

• I've just re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, when I reckognised something (in my opinion) strange about Snape and Dumbledore. They are described as follows. Dumbledore: He wore half-moon glasses, had a long crooked nose and flowing silver hair, beard and moustache. Snape: Professor Quirell was talking to a teacher with greasy black hair, a hooked nose and a sallow skin. I think it is very strange that their noses are exactly described and even more strange that they are both hooked. This could be a hint that the two of them are somehow related (maybe uncle and nephew). That could also explain why Dumbledore trusts Snape that much although he knows that Snape was once on Voldemorts side.
(Sylvana Wetscher)

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