... at the solstice will come a new ... ?

Here's some speculation about the breaking prophecy.

• hello...i was reading the column 'hints for book 6/7' and i came across the hint from chapter 35 about the glass orbs shattering and the two voices saying:

Chapter 35: "The spell hits a shelf and several orbs are shattered. They see two figures, white as ghosts, unfurl themselves and begin to speak. Some of what they hear is '... at the solstice will come a new ...' , which the figure of an old bearded man says and, '... and none will come after, ...'from the figure of a young woman. The figures then melt into thin air. "
Well, I've seen other people attack this possible clue, and I don't have better ideas myself, so I'll leave this up to anybody who finds it interesting to think about it and read around the web

I have heard some theories about this, which is saying that the old bearded man is dumbledore and the figure of a young woman is Trelawney. And the phrases "at the solstice will come a new" "and none will come after" mean that at the solstice Voldemort will be defeated (which is around June 21, the same time when Harry touched the portkey at the triwizard tournament in GOF and got transported to Voldemort), and no other evil force like Voldemort will ever come again.

• In response to the book 5, Chapter 35 question, "The spell hits a shelf and several orbs are shattered. [...] 'at the solstice will come a new...'"

The Summer Solstice begins on June 22nd... which is Dudley's birthday.
(Kate J)

• There is much ado about the Prophecies that were smashed and the two that were singled out... They are both in the middle of the sentences, meaning there has to be something before and after where the ..'s are. Ms. Rowling wouldn't have written it as such if that's not how she intended it. "...at the solstice will come a new..." by the old man... Mind you, there are two solstice's in a year. Summer and Winter, both around the early 20's of their respective months. This could pertain to anything from a "new threat" or even a "new teacher" And as for "...and none will come after..." (AgentMoonHunter)

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