What's behind the veil

Here's some speculations about the veil of the archway-room in the Ministry

• did you notice sirius "died" in the "death chamber".in one of many interviews j.k.
stated that she had decided if sirius would be proven Innocent but telling would ruin major plot point,like hes not dead?also "living" versions of harry parent will not be seen so he will see them behind the veil. (Jake)

• I think the the veil is something like the death penelty because they say something about a "death chamber" and i think if a dark wizard/witch is sentenced to die they make him walk through the veil but the dark wizard/witch doesnt really die they just cant come back through the veil. (Pat)

• The veil is located in the "death chamber", that looks a lot like an amphitheatre. So whatever is done there, it is for spectators.
Note also that Sirius dies not because of the curse, but because he falls through the veil.
I therefore came to the conclusion that it is a gateway of some sort, and one way only. Whatever lurks behind it will probably kill humans.
Also, it can probably be opened for unknown reasons (hence the stone banks for the audience).
Considering that it is called the death chamber, it might either be a way to conviniently get rid of convicts.
It might be a gateway to a circle of hell.
Or something was banned from this earth, and needs to be appeased or questioned once in a while. My guess: There is house elves, fairies, goblins, trolls.....anybody wondered where the "big" elves have gone, considering that JKR has already borrowed from Tolkien? (Carmilla

• I think what dumbledore says to harry about there being a thing more wonderful and worse than death in the department of mysteries may be tied in somehow to the "veil" sirius was taken by. I think harry will find ways of talking to him, maybe with the mirror or going under the veil himself. (Cam)

• I think The Veil is some kind of place where people that have been killed by Voldemort and his followers, or by people against Voldemort and his followers go until Harry or Voldemort have fulfilled the prophecy. And that once the prophecy is fulfilled that whoever fulfilled their followers that are behind the Veil will come back and the rest will be trapped in The Veil forever. (Lyndsay)

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