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After reading the books, there's some questions you could ask yourself (or if it were possible, the author ;-). Click on the book number to see them

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And some General Questions by ~~Linda . They're 3 funny pointy questions

Questions after book 1

  • What is the exact geographical location of the Hogwarts castle (England, since the Hogwarts express does not cross any water? But where exactly?)
    A possible answer I received is that acording to JKR it is in Scotland (ps: Hogwarts Express doesn't have to cross water for Hogwarts to be outside of England! Hogwarts could be in Scotland or Wales, without the Hogwarts Express ever crossing water.
    - According to the Harry Potter Trivia game answers Hogwarts is in the imiganary country Kent near England and Scotland.)
    (Entry by Steve Day) : Kent is not near England, it is a part of England, and it is nowhere near Scotland.
    England and Scotland are both regions of Great Britain and not countries - they're comparable to U.S. states.
    Kent is a well known area of England and not imaginary.
    Kent is a county of England, which is comprised of the whole South-East region of Great Britain below London. Scotland, on the other hand is at the far North of the country, and about as far away from the county of Kent as you could possibly go.
  • After entering the chamber with the three-headed dog, what happens with Harry's invisibility cloak?
  • Why does Dubledore go through all that trouble to have other people (Professors) make obstacles/puzzles which you can solve, if he does not want the Sorcerer's stone to be found anyway (and even while he does so, why not for example keep the correct key of Flitwicks room himself?). Wouldn't it be better to make 1 huge complicated protection which only he and Flamel could solve themselves
  • Why is the Mirror of Erised in the particular room when Harry first sees it? How does Dubledore know that Harry went to see the Mirror of Erised the 3rd time. Why did he put it in this room, leaving the Stone's final step/obstacle unprotected?
    A possible answer I received is following: "the mirror of Erised was in this room because, it was just brought to Hogwarts and wasn't yet set to protect the stone. As Dumbledore said: tomorrow it will be taken to [new] place. <NEW; hence the mirror has not been there before>. And it is logical- considering all the spells for the protection and Fluffy, it is not very easy task to bring the mirror to its final location."
  • How does Voldemort know the Stone is in Harry's pocket.
    A possible answer I received is following: "Like Dumbledore, Voldemort has powers to know things without trying. Like when Dumbledore knew what Harry and Ron saw in the Mirror of Erised. (So Voldemort could've seen Harry put the stone in his pocket in the mirror)"
  • How first years get into Diagon Alley to buy school supplies if they have Muggle Parents. Obviously Harry got in because Hagrid took him. The Weasley's get in by Floo Powder but how would a Muggleborn find their way to Diagon Alley?
  • In the 1st book, as Hagrid and Harry left the small island by boat, how did the Dursleys get back?
    A possible answer I received is following: "A possability is that a coast guard found the Dursleys stranded on the rock, and got them back on another boat."
  • [entry by Jersey ] Why is Harry's scar lightning shaped? Does it represent something?
  • [entry by Katharina ] If Hogwarts is the only wizard school in Britain (and it MUST be because Harry is first contacted by wizards when he reaches the age to attend Hogwarts) and children enter it at the age of 11, where do they learn things like writing and reading? I know that Harry went to a "muggle" primary school, but for example Ron certainly didn`t because he doesn`t even know how to use a telephone.
  • [entry by Travis ] Everyone knows that the invisibility cloak Harry inherited from his father can make a human invisible, when they're completely surrounded by it, but it's unclear exactly how the cloak works. What if it was hung flat against a wall? Could you see completely through the wall, only halfway through, or would it have no effects at all? Or when the cloak is not on a person it is silver, and clearly visible but when it is on a person it's invisible. Wouldn't this make it turn invisible when ever it came into contact with a floor, bed, or trunk? These questions could easily be answered by saying that the cloak simply works only on humans, but in the third book Harry sets the Marauder's Map on the floor just inside the tunnel behind the witches statue and covers it with the cloak, it becomes invisible. The map isn't human.
  • [entry by Anonymous ] How did Harry Potter inherit so much money from his parents in Gringotts? Do wizards have life insurance?
    A better question may be; "Where/how did the Potters get so much money"
  • [entry by Ali ] Hermion states in the 1st book on the train to Hogwarts that she'd tried several beginning spells, and they'd all worked for her. Did she practice them on the train? She couldn't have done it at her house because she would've gotten a letter from the Min. of Magic reporting unauthorised use of magic.
    Response by Peter Taylor: In Diagon Alley? That is presumably where she bought her wand and spellbook, after all.
  • [entry by lynne] Why did Dumbledores Phoenix only donate 2 feathers for Alivanders wands - had Dumbledore set a spell so he knew that if Harry met Voldemort he could still offer protection, or were they to choose the two remaining descendants of the Hogwarts creators
    A possible answer I received is following: "The phoenix that Dumbledore owns is not the only Phenix existing. There were two Phoenix's that were brothers, and one of each of their feathers happened to be in Harry and Voldemort's wand. (There was no fact that the feathers in Harry and Voldemort's wand belonged to Flawkes the Phoenix)"
    A response to the above one I received is following: "In chapter 36 of GofF (US paperback), Sirius asks why the wands connected. Dumbledore answers "...Harry's wand and Voldemort's wand share cores. Each of them contains a feather from the tail of the same phoenix. This phoenix, in fact...Mr. Ollivander wrote to tell me you had bought the second wand, the moment you left his shop four years ago.""
  • [entry by fi] How does Dumbledore know that Voldemort is going to go after the Philosophers Stone at that point in time? Why not earlier or later? What at that exact point of year? Was it something to do with Harry starting Hogwarts? If that was the case how did Dumbledore know
  • [entry by Leanne Simpson] On the letter inviting witches/wizards to Hogwarts, it says "students may bring a owl or cat or toad". How come Ron has a rat?
    A possible answer I received is following: "It is possible that Ron got special permission from Hogwarts to bring a rat instead."
  • [entry by Nana] If in Book 1 Mr. Ollivander states "Yes, thirteen-and-half inches. Yew. Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember..." If this is so, how come Ron has a hand-me-down wand? Is its' performance affected in some way different if it was not his very own wand? I haven't been able to think this one out.
  • [entry by Keiran van Vuuren] In the first book Hagrid says that he has to take Sirius's motorcycle back, but when he tells Madam Rosmareta the story he tells her that Sirius told him that he wouldn't be needing his bike anymore. WHY?
    A possible answer I received is following: "In response to the 2nd to last 'Wonder Question' about Siruis's bike and Hagrid... Hagrid probably didn't know at that time... because everything had happened so fast (even McGonagall wasn't sure about Lily and James's deaths until Dumbledore showed up at Privet Drive just before Hagrid showed up) that Sirius was 'responsible' for their deaths. So he probably went to borrow the bike from Sirius still thinking of him as a friend, a short time later Sirius was arrested because of Peter Pettigrew, then Hagrid found out Sirius had been arrested, therefore not needing the bike anymore. A better question would be, why would Hagrid use an enchanted motorcycle to bring Harry to Privet drive? There was no mention of a cloaking device on the bike so muggles wouldn't spot him. Also... with something that important, why wasn't a portkey used or apparation? In fact why didn't Dumbledore get Harry himself? What was he doing at the time? Fighting Voldemort? Protecting N***? Where was Dumbledore when Lily and James were being killed? What was more important than getting Harry out?"
  • [entry by richard carteaux] Where did Harry get his school trunk? When he moved from under the stairway to the smallest bedroom he had very little to move. Yet when he went to Hogwarts he had a trunk. (Possibly something left by Dudley in the bedroom?)
    A possible answer I received is following: "Harry could have bought it in Diagon Alley with Hagrid. He didn't have it until he was about to get onto the platform. He and Hagrid had been shopping before that."
  • [entry by Kate J ] A big deal is made to really sink in the fact that "Harry Potter" is a very well known person in the wizarding world before he even got there. There's tons of evidence for this. What I question is why, when Draco finds out who Harry is, does he want to be friends with Harry when it's obvious his father would have never approved of that friendship? (Draco extends his hand, telling Harry he shouldn't go making friends with the wrong sort. Harry then tells Draco he can tell the wrong sort for himself.) Mr. Malfoy is a death eater. Even if Draco isn't aware of this, his family is obviously not into being really friendly with mudbloods or halfbloods. Harry's mother was a mudblood... just another reason not to be friends with Harry. Plus, Mr. Malfoy is a deatheater. He would never want his son to be friends with someone who killed his "master". I guess one could argue that Mr. Malfoy doesn't talk to Draco about "work", so Draco didn't know. I suppose you could also argue that it's all part of some master plan of Lucius Malfoy's to get Draco close to Harry. But that's a stretch.
  • [R Sriram] "What does this mean,Albus?"Prof. McGongall asked urgently." "It means the Chamber of Secrets is indeed open again". "But Albus...surely....WHO?" "THE QUESTION IS NOT WHO,BUT HOW" These words clearly imply that Dumbledore knows that Voldemort aka Tom Riddle is the Heir of Slytherin.He says "not WHO";which means that he knows;it's obvious to him that Voldy is the Heir.THen,he says "but HOW".Again,he wonders how Voldy could have opened the chamber when he's supposed to be hiding somewhere in Albania. Now,when the Chamber was opened fifty years ago,Moaning Myrtle died.Surely,Dumbledore would have known this-the whole school would have!If someone(Dumbledore) had asked her ghost how she had died,she would have said something about "two large yellow eyes".If Hermione,a second year,could discover that it's a Basilisk(not even knowing about Myrtle's description)-Dumbledore surely would have.Why didn't somebody do that?

Questions after book 2

  • After entering the chamber with the three-headed dog, what happens with Harry's invisibility cloak?
  • Why couldn't the Ministry of Magic detect that Harry was not the one who dropped the bowl of Petunia's pudding (it was really Dobby)? Can they only detect the location that the magic took place, and assume that whoever lives there is the one who did the underaged wizardy? (J.A.Cox)
    I think it should be "how does the ministry find out that a particular performed magis is 'unauthorised' ...
    - do they list locations with people who are able to perform magic but are not allowed too? not very likely, since other able-to-perform-magic people might visit or the particular unauthorised person also regularly leaves the location.
    - do they track every person who can perform magic and register when and where this person performs the magic? This one is more credible. Although it brings the point of tracking range which seems to be not that accurate. Dobby was very close to Harry, which means that the tracking system was not sufficient enough to see that it was not Harry who performed it. This also brings another problem, say Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George and Harry are in Ron's house together in one room, one persons performs magic (unauthorised)... who will get punished? -> it seems that the tracking system won't be able to tell who did it...

  • If Harry still has the invisibility cloak, why doesn't he use it in book 2, for example to get "Moste Potent Potions" from the library (which was not nessecary and less rule-breaking in this case but much easyer) or take it with them into the forbidden forest (although they think there would be no need in the pitch-dark forest, they heard there are dangerous creatures)?
  • Why is Fawkes not harmed when attacking the Basilisk, did he manage to attack it's eyes without looking at/into them?
    A possible answer I received is following: "This could be because Phoenixes have healing powers, but they also might possess a special kind of protection against basilisks or other harmful beasts" (J.A.Cox) Note Although it's stated that the rooster is the basilisk's only mortal enemy, this does indeed not exlude phoenixes being imune to them
    A response I received is following: "In the writings of Agrippa, I found references to this. It is stated there that phoenixes and weasles are both immune to the basilisk's stare. I found it more curious, however, that both Tom Riddle and Ginny were immune to it, or apparently so."
  • [entry by Raptor ] How does Tom Riddle Jr, Slytherin's Parseltongue Heir, actually control and command Slytherin's basilisk if he's within his diary, carried by Ginny, during most of Harry's second year? Is there some sort of wandless version of the [book 4 spoiler] Curse? If he could get Ginny to open the Chamber of Secrets, would he have somehow coached her into speaking Parseltongue, a rare gift that had once been inadvertently passed on to Harry?
    A possible explanation I received: "An Excerpt from Book 2 "If I say it myself, Harry, I've always been able to charm the people I needed. So Ginny poured out her soul to me, and her soul happened to be exactly what I wanted .... I grew stronger and stronger on a diet of her deepest fears, her darkest secrets. I grew powerful, far more powerful than little Miss Weasley. Powerful enough to start feeding Miss Weasley a few of my secrets, to start pouring a little of my soul back into her. . ." (Horace)
    See also a longer response I received
  • [entry by Simeon Van Hul] Harry gives presents to Hermione and Ron with christmas. How does he get them? Students aren't allowed in Hogsmeade until their third year.
    A possible answer I received is following: "Harry bought the presents probably by letter with help of Hedvig. In the book 3 we read, that broomsticks can be ordered that way. How the paying is organized, remains in secret. Still, as Sirius could buy the Firebolt without going to take money from Gringotts, I think he bought for it by some kind of wisard-transmission of money."
  • [entry by lynne] Has Voldemort passed on anymore skills to Harry that we are yet unaware?
  • [entry by lynne] Are the Weasleys safe? As Peter Petergrew 'scabbers' knows where they live and should know all their secrets having lived with them for many years? Dumbledore probably is aware of Harry's every whereabout so he likely approves of Harry's stay at the Weasleys
  • [entry by Patti] In the 2nd book when Doby tries to sabotage Harry and he doesn't let him and Ron onto Platform 9 3/4 and Ron and Harry takes Ron's car, how do Ron and Harry find the train if the platform is in a "secret" location from all Muggles? (It would mean that at some point in the traintrack from London to Hogwarts the train will need to become visible)
  • [entry by JBHitchcock] I noticed something about Moaning Myrtle's death.Well, you know how you can only die from the basilisk staring you exactly and directly in the eye?When you die and become a ghost, you are exactly as you were when you died, exept if you were using the polyjuice potion.As a ghost, Moaning Myrtle is wearing glasses.It's sort of like Colin Creevey looking through the camera lense.He only got petrified.Since Moaning Myrtle was wearing glasses, shouldn't she have only been petrified?Or was it something else that killed her? Maybe J.K. goofed up? I mean, nobody's perfect.In my opinion, I think Rowling wasn't thinking straight at the moment! I may be wrong about this, but it's just a thought.
  • [entry by R.Sriram] We know that nearly everyone,apart from Hermione,has trouble in Transfiguration.It doesn't seem easy to change objects to animals,and vice-versa.Now,Ron's afraid of spiders because Fred's transfigured his teddy-bear into a big spider-when Ron was THREE.So,Fred must have been around five,I believe.How could a five year old do that so easily?
  • [entry by R.Sriram] After Ron's wand was broken,he couldn't do a single spell properly,even after he had Spellotaped it.We know form Book1 that Hagrid's wand was broken by officials after he was expelled.How is he able to do magic properly with it?We know he says that he has "still got the pieces,though".
  • [entry by R.Sriram] We know that ghosts can't eat or drink(The ghost at Nick's Deathday Party didn't really eat the decayed stuff).Even Nick has been mentioned to stare at real food longingly.So,how could have he consumed the Mandrake juice?After all,we know that he's back.

Questions after book 3

  • In the third Harry Potter book Professor Lupin said that he saw Sirrus run up and jump on Ron and drag him into the whomping willow, then he saw Harry and Hermione follow. He claimed he saw this on the Maurders Map. Well if that was true wouldn't he also see the past Harry and Hermione hiding in the forbidden forest?
    A possible answer I received is following: "The reason Lupin did not see the past Harry and Hermione is becuase the Marauders Map does NOT show the Forbidden Forest, which is where they were when they saw themselves enter the whomping willow, the same place Lupin saw them.......that is why Lupin did not see two Harry/Hermione's."
  • [entry by Sylvana Wetscher] What has Snape done to Sirius that would explain why Sirius played such a "trick" on Snape. What has he done that Sirius believes that " served him right..." to die? I think there must be more behind that than just the explanaition Sirius gives: He always was looking what we were up to and wanted us to get expelled (He can't seriously think that Snape deserves to die just because of that)
  • [entry by Sylvana ] I just thought about the fact that Dumbledore believes Sirius at the end of PoA. I have to say that it is very strange that he does so, as Sirius is a convicted murderer. When Sirius gets into the castle, Dumbledore seems very worried, but nevertheless he believes Sirius' story straight away. I mean how does Dumbledore know that Sirius is telling him the truth? He himself said in book three that he gave evidence that Sirius was the Potters secretkeeper, which means that he himself beliefed that Sirius was guilty. So why this sudden change, why doesn't he believe in what Snape is saying, what else did Sirius tell Dumbledore to persuade him?
    A possible response I received is following: "What if they had given him a truth serum. They had mentioned the truth serum in another book. I can't think of which one. But since Sirius was telling the truth to begin with he would not have objected to taking the serum....right?"
  • [entry by R Sriram] In Chapter 17(Cat,Rat and Dog),Harry is overcome with rage,against Black.He almosts decides to kill him,but his nerve fails him. Harry is only at his third year. HOW WOULD A THIRD YEAR STUDENT KNOW ABOUT A KILLING SPELL? ?
  • [entry by lana little] If Peter Pettigrew was James and Lily's secret keeper, meaning no one would know where they were hiding unless Peter told them, how did Dumbledore know where to send Hagrid to rescue Harry? And even if Peter had told Dumbledore where the Potters were hiding, and Dumbledore told Hagrid where to go to get Harry, Hagrid should not have been able to find Harry as the secret keeper had not told him where Harry was hiding. And if Peter had told ANYONE where the Potters were hiding then everyone would know that Sirius did not turn them over to Voldemort and Peter had.
  • [entry by KDarkMaiden] Since Pettigrew is "needed" to prove Sirius' innocence, but he gets away everyone thinks there is no way to do it, becuase no one will believe Harry (or anyone else who says otherwise). But, wouldn't you be able to prove his innocence by looking at Harry's memories with the Pensieve? Can your memories be altered and would that work?
  • [entry by ReeD] Alright we all know that in the third Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban) Dumbledore gives Hermoine a device that lets people go back in time. Her and Harry use it to save the Hipogriff and Sirius. Why didn't Dumbledore use his time device 13 years ago when the Potter family was killed. I mean he could have gone basck in time and saved them all and killed Voldermont. Don't say, "Bad things happen to wizards that mess with time!" because Harry and Hermoine did it and nothing happen to them.

Questions after book 4

  • How does Voldemort know about Harry's encounter with Tom Riddle (book 2). And knowing this, wouldn't he know that he would come back after his downfall?
    A possible explanation I received "He could have or Would have heard it from Peter Petigrew (wormtail) or Madeye Moody (Barty Crouch the Son). and Yes he would have Known as that may have been a plan incase of his death." (Horace)
  • From earlier events it appears the Ministry can detect unauthorised wizardry (Harry got an instant warning). 1) Did the Ministry not detect Moody's Unforgivable Charms which he showed in class? 2) When Harry was dreaming in Divination, he sees Voldemort perform ¤ Crucio on Wormtail... couldn't the Ministry detect this? 3) When Voldemort killed Cedric with ¤ Avada Kedavra, couldn't they detect it? 4) How was Bertha Jorkins killed... with one of the Unforgivable Charms?

    1) A possible explanation I received "): Direct From Book 4 "So - straight into it. Curses. They come in many strengths and forms. Now, according to the Ministry of Magic, I'm supposed to teach you countercurses and leave it at that. I'm not supposed to show you what illegal Dark curses look like until you're in the sixth year. You're not supposed to be old enough to deal with it till then. But Professor Dumbledore's got a higher opinion of your nerves, he reckons you can cope, and I say, the sooner you know what you're up against, the better." (Horace)
    2/3) A possible explanation I received "Not if the Place is magicaly sealed and or protected from prying eyes magical or otherwise. (Horace)
    Bertha Jorkins has to be killed by Avada Kedavra, because she comes out of Voldemorts wand in the duel in the end of book four, where Harry forces Voldemorts wand to take its curse back. (Rebekka)

    [with thanks to John Shafer] Book four, the gang is in the woods after the Quidditch World Cup. I think it was Hermione that used Lumos to produce light. I was under the assumption that underage witches/wizards were forbidden to perform magic while not in school. Mr. Diggory accused Harry of conjuring the Dark Mark with his wand after the Quidditch World Cup. Having done so would have surely warranted an owl from the ministry considering Doby's dropping a pudding dish had an immediate owl in Book 2 from the ministry. So that should have clued Diggory in on the fact that Harry could not have conjured the Dark Mark. And why did the kids bring their wands in the first place if they knew they were not supposed to perform magic outside of school?
    Also Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, and Harry perform spells that render Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle unconscious (amoung other things) on the Hogwarts Express on the way back to Kings Cross at the end of Book 4. That is outside school grounds, albeit on the last day of term.
    A possible answer I received about Hermione's case: "its states that a wizard isn't alowed to use magic outside of school unless under extreme circumstances... this particular moment was extreme enough ...they were in danger. " (J.A.Cox)
    A possible explanation I received "Being that the Hogwarts Express is Part of the Wizzarding World as is Diagonaly and Platform ) 9 and 3/4. It has been said in the last 3 books magic is not to be performed in the Muggle World for fear of being seen and in the wizzarding world there are no muggles other than those who have children who are witches and wizzards. (Horace)
  • [entry by Mark Delgado] Extract from book 4;
    <<< "....Voldemort raised his wand again and whirled it through the air. A streak of what looked like molten silver hung shining in the wand's wake. Momentarilly shapeless, it writhed and formed into a gleaming replica of a human hand, bright as moonlight, which soared downward and fixed itself upon Wormtail's bleeding wrist.
    Wormtail's sobbing stopped abruptly. His breathing harsh and ragged, he raised his head and stared in disbelief at the silver hand, now attached seamlessly to his arm, as though he wearing a dazzling glove. He flexed the shining fingers, then, tremling, picked up a small twig on the ground and crushed it to powder.
    "My Lord," he whispered, "Master... It is beautiful... Thank You... Thank You..."
    He scrambled forward on his knees and kissed the hem of Voldemort's robes.
    "May your loyalty never waver again, Wormtail." said Voldemort...." >>>

    What exactly is the Silver hand? Is it Real Silver and deadly to werewolves like Professor Lupin?

    Or is it something like the Pensieve, described as either "liquid or gas... a bright whitish silver... looked like light made liquid - or wind made solid."

  • [entry by Inge Delnooz ] 'You stand....upon the remains of my late father....a muggle and a
    fool...very like your dear mother.'(Voldemort)

    Lily Potter was a witch, wasn't she? Why then could she be like a muggle and a fool?
    A possible explanation I received: "Direct From Book 1: "Knew!" shrieked Aunt Petunia suddenly. "Knew! Of course we knew! How could you not be, my dratted sister being what she was? Oh, she got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that-that school-and came home every vacation with her pockets full of frog spawn, turning teacups into rats. I was the only one who saw her for what she was -- a freak! But for my mother and father, oh no, it was Lily this and Lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family!
    According to this excerpt from book 1 She came from a Muggle Family whose Parents knew no magic just as Hermionen Granger and Her Parents
    " . (Horace)

  • [entry by Mark ] Fudge is clearly in disbelief with Voldy comming back. Why couldn't or didn't Dumbeldore simply use the pensieve to draw/show Harrys thoughts so Fudge could see them?
    A possible explanation I received: "The Pensive would only have shown Dumbledore´s thoughts and not Harry´s thoughts. Harry would have need a Pensove of his own. (entry webmaster HPF -> He could have borrowed Dumbledore's)
    Also an excerpt from Book 3:
    "It is your turn to listen, and I beg you will not interrupt me, because there is very little time," he said quietly. "There is not a shred of proof to support Black's story, except your word -- and the word of two thirteen-year-old wizards will not convince anybody. A street full of eyewitnesses swore they saw Sirius murder Pettigrew. I myself gave evidence to the Ministry that Sirius had been the Potters' Secret-Keeper"
    . (Horace)

  • [entry by Katharina ] Harry keeps on sending letters to sirius and hedwig can always find him wherever he is. and obviously not only hedwig can, because when harry borrows a school owl or pigwidgeon, they can also find him. so! when the ministry is still searching for sirius why don't they just try to send him an owl and follow it then?

  • [entry by Andria Kerkof] Even though Dumbledore said that Prof. Moody should teach the three curses, why does Barty Crouch as Prof. Moody go to such lengths to teach Harry how to resist the Imperious Curse?
    A possible explanation I received: "Maybe this is also the answer to "Why did Barty Crouch go through all that trouble with the tournament?". Remember when he used the curse the first time? He wanted to show them how it works and he took Harry to show it to the other pupils. It was really clever to use it first in class to get sure he could really control Harry. I guess that he had an other plan first: to use the Imperious Curse on Harry when they were alone and bring him to Voldemort. When he saw that Harry was able to fight the curse, he changed the plan and so he had go through all that tournament stuff"

  • [entry by Ederlezi ] according to McGonagall, Trelawney had predicted the death of at least one student since she'd started working at the school, was Cedric one of those predictions?

Questions after book 5

  • [entry by Ken Hudson] How did Harry get the marauders Map back after book 4 to use it in Book 5?
  • [entry by R.Sriram] Dumbledore feels that Harry should stop having dreams about Voldemort.Why not give Harry some potion that induces Dreamless Sleep?We know that such a potion exists,it's already appeared in one of the previous books.

General Questions

  • Why are they celebrating Christmas and Easter (book #4) when witches, wizards and magic pre-dates Christianity? All the witches I know consider themselves to be pagan and would never think of celebrating any Christian holiday. (~~Linda)
    All responses which have been added in the past are taken out

    Please do not send in any more response about religious in-/correctness. They will not be placed since HPF is not the place to discuss it ;)
  • Why all the emphasis on FOOD? I thought in the beginning it was because she was a single mom trying to make ends meet all the time, but now, what is the reason? I have never read any books that deal so much with what people are eating and drinking all the time. (~~Linda)
    (excerpt from "An Interview With J.K.Rowling")
    "But my favourite book was The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. It was probably something to do with the fact that the heroine was quite plain, but it is a very well-constructed and clever book, and the more you read it, the clevere it appears. And perhaps more than any other book, it has a direct influence on the Harry Potter books.The author always included details of what her characters were eating and I remember liking that. You may notice that I always list the food being eaten at Hogwarts"
  • There is also an emphasis on fashion to a lesser extent...I'm hoping it is just so we can better imagine everything...although this could also be because she was poorer once and thought about all the lovely things she would like to wear one day. Who knows? (~~Linda)
  • - What if 2 squibs have a child can the child be magic?
    (likely it can.... 2 muggles can also get magic children)
    - What is the difference between a wizard and a warlock?
    A possible answer I received: "Normally both words have exactly the same meaning. If you read Harry Potter book 1 you'll see that before Dumbledores name (on the card from the chocolate frog) is written warlock. In that case this may be a sort of title (just like a doctor's title or an engineering graduate), which you get if you attended a university." (Sylvana)
    - Around what time period did Arthur and Molly Weasley attend Hogwarts and what houses where they in?
    - Where James and Lily both Gryffindor's?
    (and Lupin and Black?)
    - Did/does Hagrid have any siblings?
    - There are spells for everything why isn't there a location spell to find missing people?
    - How do muggles get magical children does there have to be some sort of magic ancestor? (Rena)


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